The Brady Bunch Kids

The Brady Bunch Kids

Monday, July 7, 2014

Waterblob fun

I came across a blog post for individual waterblobs the other day and since we have yet to find to buy with a pool, I decided to try my hand at a simple DIY project. I used this person's instructions, except I left a small opening for my hose instead of having to cut into the plastic  We debated on making individual blobs, one massive blob 12x25 (the entire box of plastic), or 2 12x12 blobs. After much debate the kids decided to try one 12x12 to see if it would even work, so we still have 12x25 feet of plastic to play with!

Since I already had parchment paper, an iron, and an ironing board at home (funny cause I don't iron!) we only needed to purchase duck tape and plastic!

Day 1 - Turkey sat and played on the blob while the other kids just pushed around the edges to slosh the water. We ended up with quite a few small leaks the first day. I believe I just had a few sections that weren't fused all the way and a few areas where the edge of the seam developed small leaks with the weight of the water.

Day 2 - No pictures, thankfully. I turned on the sprinkler and laid on the blob...all by myself, while the kids stayed inside ALL.DAY.LONG!

Day 3 - We repositioned the blob to a less slanted part of the yard. The kids filled it up WAY TOO full, the recommendations we saw were 8-12 inches of water.  Jayson didn't realize his kicking had punctured huge holes into the top, which oddly enough hardly any water spilled out (you may see white duck tape in the pictures, these were our patch jobs). The kids also tried my sprinkler technique, which they loved!

If you look between Jarom's arms you will see one of our large holes

Water blob plus sprinkler equals a great way to cool off!

Day 4 - 5 Blob pretty much is deflated due to holes/ tears, so now we will take our huge piece of plastic to make a slip-n-slide, after the landscapers come.