The Brady Bunch Kids

The Brady Bunch Kids

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Garden troubles

So we moved into our house on July 4th and in an attempt to help make this house ours the kids and I headed to purchase some gardening items to plant a small garden (we know we were a bit late on this) and some flowers.  Most of our flowers are just now peaking out of the ground, the kids chose annuals so that next summer they can view them in full bloom next summer.   

For fruits and veggies the kids chose blueberry bushes (2), tomatoes (1 for this year), okra (remember half of our family is from the South), green peppers (4 started plants), cucumber (1), red onions, basil, sage and thyme.  We also took seeds from red, yellow and green peppers and started them, cause you can never have enough peppers!

Shortly after our last picking from our blueberry bushes we noticed the leaves were turning brown and falling off.  Since they were transplanted late we didn't think too much of it and are just hoping that they come back next year. Late last week I noticed that our tomato plant leaves were turning black, just like our blueberries before the leaves turned brown and fell off..  Next to our tomatoes is our Okra, which was planted by seed and thus far they don't appear to be affected by what is attacking our plants.  But two days ago I noticed, whatever this is is now affecting our green pepper plants. 

Any thoughts or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.



Green Pepper

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  1. Maybe a phosphorus deficiency, but most likely I think there is a virus/disease and it is spreading. I would call a local nursery and ask to speak to the manager, then ask him what it could be. Different diseases are more prevalent in different areas. Sorry! I hope that helps.