The Brady Bunch Kids

The Brady Bunch Kids

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Somebody turned 7!!!!

We wish you a Happy Birthday, 
We wish you a Happy Birthday, 
We wish you a Happy Birthday,
and a great new year!

Due to kids visitation schedule, we are doing our Christmas on Jayson's birthday. In order to allow him to not have to 'share' his birthday with Christmas, we allowed him to draw one present the night before his birthday. He drew #3.


Drawing for the first present!
Present #3, Bumblebee Transformer

Birthday DAY!!! 12/20
It's here, it's here, it's finally here!!!
Before breakfast Jayson drew his second present for his birthday celebration! His first draw of the day, #4.

Present #4, Chevrolet Remote Control Truck
It's HUGE!!! You know you're jealous!!!

First item of business...the test drive, duhhhh.

Next item of business....Breakfast of course! Jayson requested scrambled eggs, bacon, and toast. To make it extra special Dad and Joey made it for him!

After breakfast, it was time for more driving until it was time to draw for the next present of the day...
Love the "Hey take my picture" grin
Present #3, a car carrying case and his very own basketball.

Today we were also having a Harry Potter marathon, so after a 'quick' movie it was time for the final present of the day.

And the final birthday present!
Present #4, more skate track. His favorite birthday present!

Next event for Jayson's birthday celebration, dinner! He asked me if I would make him, chicken and rice and homemade butterhorn rolls. Of course, I couldn't say no!!! After dinner, we made a quick trip to the airport to pick up Jarom and MyKayla. Once we were home, it was time for cake!

Jayson requested chocolate cake with chocolate frosting. Since he is following in the footsteps of the girls with a chocolate addiction, I had to ad d to his chocolate, chocolate request. I drizzled his cake with Hershey's chocolate syrup, he was in heaven!
And to end his birthday day, we had Christmas! Can you say BONUS!!!

*Although we celebrated Jayson's birthday over two days, his pictures show him in the same outfit. The benefit of it being your birthday, you have the right to change or not to change your clothes! For the benefit of the rest of the household members, we do request that teeth brushing occur at least twice a day.

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