The Brady Bunch Kids

The Brady Bunch Kids

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Parting is such sweet sorrow

We knew the time would come and we knew it would be soon, but we didn't expect our time with all the kids to come to an end so quickly.

Jordyn had been away from us since July 31st so she could try out for volleyball August 1, 2, and 3rd. Although we hoped she would make the team, we secretly hoped she wouldn't so she could spend the remainder of the summer with us. Unfortunately the distance between our hotel and her mother's house was far enough away (3 1/2  hour drive each way)  that we couldn't just pick her up when we wanted too.

Jayson and Joey both had school events on August 16th and all three of them started school Monday, August 20th. So on the 15th we packed up Eric's kids belongings and started moving all the kids items from their hotel room to ours, as we would be checking out of one of the rooms on the 18th.  Eric got off work about 1:30pm and shortly later, we all loaded up in the Brady Bunch mobile and headed to Loxley. We made arrangements to pick up Jordyn so we could have one final dinner with all the kids and allow everyone some time to say their goodbyes.

Since Eric's kids eat out all the time...and I mean ALL the TIME, we tried to come up with a place to go that they didn't go to too often. We decided to go to Baumhower's Wings in Daphne, which is similar to a Buffalo Wild Wings. We were seated in an over-sized booth and for fun we put all the boys on one side and all the girls on the other, which allowed MyKayla and Jordyn to reconnect and fill each other in on what had taken place during their separation. Of course the time flew by quickly and as much as we wanted to stay as long as possible together the rest of us had a long drive back to the hotel. So we all piled back in the car and the kids crammed in their last conversations they would have face-to-face for the next few months and we all finally said our goodbyes. The car ride back to Dothan was the same as always, kids sleeping almost the entire way. But once we got back to the hotel, I think it hit everyone that half of the kids were gone. Now we are all counting down the days until Christmas break, when we can all be together again!!!

The Brady Bunch kids watching television while we wait for our booth.

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