The Brady Bunch Kids

The Brady Bunch Kids

Monday, December 31, 2012

Scratch that...week off?

It's the week of Christmas and of course my entire weekly routine is off, and to top it off I either didn't plan my last grocery trip very well or I have a bunch of lushes and pigs in my house! The kids are even so desperate that instead of going without 'their milk' (whole milk) for a few hours, they have confiscated my milk (non-fat) to satisfy their thirst and need for 'sugary' cereal.

This weeks workout, week 11: 5 minute warm-up, 17 minute run, 1 minute walk (repeat run/walk for a total of 3 times), 5 minute cool-down for a total of 63 minutes.

So just a little info on my posts that are about running/ working out. I tend to start writing Sunday or Monday and then add to the post each day I actually 'do' something. I actually started this post on Sunday and here it is Tuesday and I am already making changes, mainly canceling my weekly workout.

Monday: was the last full day we had half of the Brady Bunch kids at home so I decided not to run. I think I make up today's run on Tuesday, even though it will be Christmas, Eric will be driving the kids back to their moms, which will take about 6+ hours, so I will have plenty of time.

Tuesday: My run never happened (bet you already guessed that)! Instead...

Red areas: Greatest Chance of Severe weather aka tornadoes

The first section of the storm started around 4ish. Some how we lucked out and the east winds were just strong enough that the storm literally changed directions right before it reached our house. The next main town, west of us, confirmed the first tornado at 4:38pm. Seven other tornadoes were confirmed within the next two hours.

The second (worst part of the storm) was first estimated to hit us around midnight and last throughout the night, but thankfully it hit us a bit earlier, around 10:30-11pm. We started with a nice lightening and thunder show courteous of the next town over, and then change to wind (gusting up to 40mph) and rain.

Eric and I stayed up until they lifted the tornado warnings (2 am) while Breanna slept in our room in a made up bed on our floor. The girls choice of purchasing a chair that folds into a bed has come in handy a few times.

Wednesday: After a few hours of sleep, we woke up to freezing temps, so we decided to lay low at home and in our 'comfy' clothes all day. While putting some things in the recycling bin (out in the garage), I heard what sounded like air blowing. I asked Eric to come and help me figure out what it was, but after a quick check of my car, which was in the garage due to the storm (and a broken windshield), we couldn't figure out what the noise was or where exactly it was coming from, so we headed back inside. A few hours later I went to grab some food out of the outside fridge and low and behold I figured out what that stupid noise was.

Yep a massive, flat tire! Guess I know what my Christmas present is going to be (yeah, yeah, I know Christmas is over!). We spend the next few hours (don't ask!) putting the spare tire on the car. Not sure if you can tell in the picture, but my car is parked in the garage backwards, did I mention my car barely fits in most garages! It was quite an experience trying to get the jack and necessary tools out of the back of the car and THEN get the spare tire to drop from underneath the car. Tomorrow, we will go and  either see if this tire can be patched or if we need to buy new's about time for all 4 of them to be replaced do you see where the present comes in? Have you priced tires for a SUV! OY!!!

Thursday: I can't believe this week is almost over, but at least I was able to catch up on some sleep today. Didn't get up till almost 10, out the door by 11:30, quick stop at Sam's to get my tire fixed, another quick stop to Walmart to get a few groceries, and back home to start cleaning up Christmas. It's funny how long it takes to get all the Christmas stuff up (tree, lights, decorations) but it all comes down so quickly! Within an hour or so, everything was down and repacked, the garage was re-organized, the bins, boxes, and tree were in their spots, and the carpets were vacuumed. Now my mind is racing on the thought of purging and decluttering the entire house, I just need to decide on what room I am going to start with.

Friday: Just not feeling it today....that's right it's another bum around in our comfy clothes kind of day. While I'd like nothing more to write that I sat around and did nothing, of course that just wasn't the case. The sad part about others in the house being on winter break or vacation, I have more cooking, cleaning, and laundry to do. Between doing all of that, we (I mean I) managed to watch a handful of movies. Sadly I am not fond of movies, most anything on the television tends to be more of background noise than drawing my full interest, but none the less I did watch bits and pieces of 5 of them. Now with dinner done, cleaned up, Breanna bathed (and no she didn't sit in the tub for hours tonight), we are in our PJ's and ready for some snuggle time. So until tomorrow....

Saturday: Yea we are a bunch of slackers. The most we did today is get out of our pj's and into comfy clothes! Here is to a more productive next week!

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