The Brady Bunch Kids

The Brady Bunch Kids

Saturday, January 26, 2013

B with B - banana bread

See these?

We bought these almost a week ago and Breanna has refused to eat even one to ensure she got to make her banana bread today. For anyone who has ever been around Bre and bananas knows, that if you let her, she will eat an entire bunch in one day! So I am sure this was a struggle for her not to eat a single one (her choice).

For our recipe for banana bread click here.

Breanna's favorite part of making banana bread is preparing the bananas. We place the trash can right next to her and let her go to town on peeling, breaking them apart, and finally mashing them. Today we decided to make a double batch so her mashing eventually turned into 'splashing' banana goo all over everything (she was a bit excited).

 I must remember to turn the television off, the minute the theme song for Fairly Odd Parents started she was gone!

Putting the banana bread dough in the oven...

Done!!! And we love that this bread is good warm or cold!

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