The Brady Bunch Kids

The Brady Bunch Kids

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Boys and their proms

Joey's prom was on April 6th, unfortunately he spend the majority of his day with his baseball team as they had a double header. He then went over to a friends house to get showered and changed. Joey and a group of friends and their dates went out to dinner at Ivy's.

Theme: A Night of Lights
Location: Baldwin County Coliseum, located in Robertsdale, AL

Joey and his prom date, Emmy

Jarom's prom was on April 30. Jarom and a group of friends started their day at 10am and went hiking, followed by a few games of laser tag and lunch. Mid afternoon the group went their separate ways to get ready prom. Four couples then met up at one of Jarom's friends house, Austin, whose parents had a catered dinner waiting for the couples. After dinner the couples made their way to their prom.

Theme: A Knight for a Princess
Location: The Castle, located in Layton, UT

Jarom and his girlfriend Heidi

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