The Brady Bunch Kids

The Brady Bunch Kids

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

The final stretch...literally!

Welcome to my third trimester!!! Thank goodness! While I know this little turkey should continue roasting I am so ready for her to be out in the world reaking havoc on the entire world and not just my insides!

I realized that while we were waiting to make our 'surprise' announcement public I had been keeping a slight journal on here regarding my appointments and how our 'little turkey' was progressing. But ever since I published that post, I have written nothing...anywhere. So in an attempt to allow this turkey to know a little bit more about her 'roasting' process, and to share my pregnancy drama with the world (or the select few that actually read my blog, I am going to keep sharing my pregnancy drama with the world!

Currently we are in week 28 and while my next appointments are scheduled for next week, on the September 10th with our specialist and on the September 11th with our OB, I have had a few appointments between my last blog post and now, so here goes on a slight recap.

8/20 3 hour GTT. Today was a much better experience than my one hour glucose testing. Maybe it was because I didn't have to drink that nasty drink until I arrived at the doctors office or maybe it was because I wasn't the only one there having to spend hours in the lab waiting room. Thankfully I chose to stock up on some stuff to haul with me to my appointment, a freshly charged phone, iPad, my chargers...just in case, and book that Eric had just finished reading. My schedule worked out bit better than I had planned so I arrived at the lab much earlier than I was scheduled too with the hopes they could work me in early and I was so thrilled when they could. The second victim arrived about 30 minutes after me and she had been able to not only arrive with similar items to keep her occupied, but she managed to make her husband come and sit with her the entire time. We believe there was at least one other victim with us, but she chose to sit on the other side of the waiting room and appeared not to be as chatty as we were.

The gal next to me was a bit more aggressive than I was as she waited after each of her finger sticks and obtained her results. Turns out by the third stick she had failed every hour since drinking her nasty drink. So on my last finger poke I asked the lab tech how my results were and she said that mine looked pretty good. She was a bit nervous and told me that my blood sugars were actually dropping faster than they like to see them and she recommended that I either stop by the hospital cafeteria or one of the fast food places next to the hospital before heading home as my last reading was 114, guess they like to see it closer to 140's. But for anyone who knows me I am not fan of eating out, especially when it comes to fast food 'crap'! My mother's response to my email update on my visit and their recommendation of me grabbing some 'crap' food was (and yes I copied this exactly from her email response) "You are not my child. If I hadn't watched you be born I would deny you. I believe if a doctor told me to eat junk food I would be all over it. But good to know no diabetes" Can you feel the love???

8/26 Emergency doctors office visit (not the emergency room). Well I decided to see what it would be like to kiss the sidewalk! About 7:15am after putting Breanna on the bus, I was walking back across the street (her bus came from the wrong direction so we had to cross the street for her to get on the bus) and I recall starting to walk up the driveway entrance but next thing I recall was sitting on the sidewalk. Hmmmm. From the injuries and discomfort I felt it was obvious I took the majority of my fall to my left knee and tried to brace myself with my right hand, but I also had scraps and that burning sensation of road rash on my left thigh (side) and my left calf (again the side) which is a bit confusing.

After picking myself up from the sidewalk, a quick wave to the bus driver so she knew I was okay, I made my way into the house. I was a bit nauseous and lightheaded, so I grabbed a water and made my way to the closest chair to regain my composure before I started cleaning up my wounds. For anyone who knows me I am not one to run off to the doctors for every little thing, but after talking with Eric while I tried to clean the sidewalk out of my now huge hole in my leg, we decided it might be worth at least talking with someone at my doctors office to see if I needed to be seen, especially since I didn't recall how I ended up on the ground, Eric felt more comfortable if I just touched base with my doctor to let them know I fell.

Of course when I called the office wasn't open yet, so I had to call the answering service, which the gal I spoke to seemed annoyed that I was calling them less than 30 minutes before the office opened. She did offer to contact the on-call doctor to have them call me, but I didn't feel that was necessary, I just wanted my doctor to know what had happened. Eric decided he'd hang around until I heard from them just to make sure I didn't need to be seen, he didn't feel it was wise for me to be driving, but after an hour we hadn't heard anything so I made another call to the office. Because of the incident I was told I had to speak with the on-call doctor/ staff, and they felt that since I didn't recall falling and hadn't felt the baby move (which is odd for her she moves ALL the time!) I had to go in. My appointment was made for 10:45am and they weren't sure which order they'd do everything, but they gave me a heads up that I would do some lab work, fetal monitoring, see the doctor, and possibly an ultrasound.

So that appointment lasted almost ALL DAY LONG! The nurse for the on-call doctor forgot me, more than once. The worst time was when she was supposed to check my blood pressure every 5 minutes after sitting, standing, laying down, sitting again, (she had no clue what she was doing) she didn't do the sitting and then forgot me when I was standing for over 30 minutes!!! I knew my blood pressure was going to be higher than usual cause I was ticked (Eric and I both looked for her several times), I was moving here and there, and worse part, I had to use the restroom! Finally we were able to see the doctor, who was a chatty one, but by that time I had finally felt the turkey move, although the movements were minor and we weren't sure if they were going to be enough. Her heart beat was fine, but the on-call doc felt more comfortable if I did an ultrasound to watch her movement, re-listen to her heart beat, and make sure the placenta was still in place.

So after another wait, we were seen for an ultrasound and everything looked good. Little turkey was as uncooperative as usual, turned enough that the tech couldn't get a picture or even see her face, she kept those knees locked so still no extra confirmation she is is actually a she. My ultrasound results showed that I was 26 weeks and 4 days (3 days earlier than expected due date), turkey's heart beats per minute were 146 and she was 2 pounds 6 ounces.

I also had to choice to be observed for the rest of the 24 hours after my fall either in the hospital or at home. I had too much to do at home, I know this is lame but I have a schedule, I like to keep to my schedule, and I was already 6-7 hours behind. So Eric got to babysit me the rest of the day, I am sure he was excited, but if I had to be admitted to the hospital he couldn't have gone to work anyways! Yep find the positive in everything.

9/10 Specialist appointment with Sacred Heart (29 weeks). Today was the usual appointment with my specialist, they call you back the nurse checks your urine, weight, BP, pulse, and then verifies that nothing has changed since the last time they saw you. Of course I had a few updates with failing my one hour glucose test, passing the 3 hour GTT, and then my fall. All of these she didn't seem concerned about at all. Next they escort you back to the waiting room, which is always a fun treat as they are sub-leasing space from another medical office, so all of their patients look at you funny when you get called back right away only to return back to waiting room to wait.

Once I was called back for the second time, I was escorted to one of the ultrasound rooms, given a quick run down of everything they were going to do today, which basically consisted of checking all the turkeys measurements and the amniotic fluid. Since I am so far along, and my cervical lining was being monitored more by my OB/GYN's office, I had the option to 'opt out' of that portion of the exam. But due to my fall I decided it would probably be best to take one more peak to make sure everything was still okay. Today's tech was somewhat in-between the other techs I have had when it came to communicating with me, she told me a few times what she was looking at, she told me the heart beat which was 133 beats per minute, and after her portion of my appointment was over she informed me that my cervical lining was now at 3.7, so not too much of a change over the last few months! She then inputted her info into another computer and retrieved the doctor.

My doctor today was not the same one I have had with this clinic, so I was a bit surprised and was unsure how much of my history he already knew versus how much I was supposed to 'catch him up on.' He appeared not to know too much and when I told him about my fall (that the RN had already documented in my chart), his 'obsession' I mean attention of my appointment became more focused on my leg (which probably looked worse than it was because during my ultrasound my leg was in just the right position to rip the majority of my scab off my knee. I then learned about his spinal fusion and all the things he couldn't do...and in between his comments about himself he said everything looked good and overall he didn't see any reason why I needed any additional appointments at this time. Hmmm okay, well then I will take that positive and see my way out! I also knew, and so did they, that I have an appointment tomorrow with my OB and she would be calling to get a prelim report before or during my appointment so I would be able to get a bit more information tomorrow. I was also given 2 pictures, neither of them really all that good, but here is the best one.

OH!!!! I almost forgot. Once the ultrasound tech heard that we had been having difficulty with this extremely modest child on 100% confirming the sex, she made every effort to try and find out for us. Of course little turkey was head down back on my right side and a leg on my left, but sure enough the other leg...blocking the view. Just like all the other techs, she bounced on my stomach to try to get 'turkey' to move but she had no luck. She proceeded to get her measurements and every time she felt or saw the turkey make movement she rushed back to take a peak between her legs. Finally after about 20 minutes, the little turkey moved her foot just enough that we could confirm (100%) turkey is truly a GIRL! Unfortunately she moved that foot back so soon we couldn't grab a picture, but at least we know for sure we have to find a girls name and we should probably start buying some stuff!

9/11 OB appointment #6 (29 weeks). Today's OB was short and sweet as usual. I started with the lovely scale, which in all honesty really isn't fair, I mean you have to come in with a full bladder and then they make you weigh first...come on! Yeah I guess I am having a hard time with the whole weight gain! It really isn't that bad, and based on the size of her, the size of my chest (without getting too graphic I went from a F to a FFF), the size of my belly (placenta, amniotic fluid, and all the other stuff needed so she can continue to vacation in comfort), I guess my weight could be worse. I can still fit into most my normal clothes, although I seem to wear my handful of maternity shorts instead of dealing with my belly bands for my normal shorts and pants. After my weight the nurse told me to go tee-tee in the cup she was handing me. I have lived in the south for a total of 3 years and I swear I still can't get over some of the phrases southerners use, this being one of them. I knew what she meant, but I really wanted to reply, "You want me to do WHAT with the cup?" but I refrained! After the whole tee-tee portion was over (yes I am laughing hysterically as I typed that), it was time for a BP check which was nice and low as usual, and a quick lab draw and so far this nurse is my FAVORITE when it comes to lab draws, I didn't feel a thing, of course it helped she used a butterfly needle.

Off to a patient room to wait just a bit while they make sure my doctor obtained the prelim report from my appointment yesterday. Then a quick listen to little turkey's heartbeat, my belly measurement, and yes I asked a few questions! She wasn't as testy as she was at my last appointment, but I think after seeing and hearing about my fall, she was a little more perceptive on hearing me out. She was able to give me a few stats on yesterdays appointment, little turkey weighs 3 pounds 1 ounce (on 8/26 she was 2 pounds 6 ounces) and her amniotic fluid was at a 10! She didn't know what their recommendation was on any follow-ups, but I told her they didn't make a follow-up appointment while I was there and that I had gotten the impression that unless something major came up I wasn't needing to see them again, she agreed. We also discussed how my insurance, who offers amazing prenatal benefits, offers a free breast pump and supplies IF I obtain it either through her office, the hospital, or DME and how I was enrolled in their Healthy Pregnancy program, which she acknowledged and stated they send her their notes quite frequently. We also discussed their recommendation on having me get the flu shot and while she suggested it, she we discussed the risks versus the benefits of getting it while pregnant. Based on my previous history with flu shots of always getting sick afterwards, she was leaving this option fully up to me and since Eric is AGAIN coming down with something, and even though he has been a complete sweetheart and staying pretty much away from me and even sleeping on the couch, I figured it would be better to risk getting sick after the shot instead of getting sick for not getting the shot. So another poke was given in the opposite arm of my blood draw and my appointment was done, and to top all that off because things, minus the fall, have been going so much better my next appointment is in 4 weeks.

10/09 OB appointment #7 (33 weeks). Well this was a quick in and out appointment. I did the usual weight check, blood pressure check and pee in a cup, followed by a nurse checking turkey's heart beat, which she said was great, then my doctor came in for about a minute (serious one whole minute) measured my stomach said things look great and on track and see you next time as she handed me my check out papers. I guess all the 'fun' appointments start at the next visit, so until next time!

10/30 OB appointment #8 (36 weeks) So here we are at the first 'fun' appointment, we started with the usual weight check, pee in a cup, and blood pressure check and here is where I am going to start to embarrass myself... At this point I have gained 22 pounds, I know that this isn't much and I am right on track for my recommended 25-35 pound gain and my doctor is thrilled with where my weight it...and in a sense I guess I am too. I have been lucky enough to still have a figure (front view) followed by a huge belly (side view), yep I think I will take it one step further, since I have posted it on Facebook and post a few pics. My blood pressure is a really high for me, but of course no concern to my doctor as most people's BP is much higher, today it was 116/72 my normal range is 90(or less)/50-60.

Next I was of to a room, undressed from waist down, and now I wait. Thankfully for not very long. Little turkey is still pretty active for how little room it seems she has to move around, that it took the doctor a few minutes to find her heart beat, then a quick measure of the big ole belly and thankfully it was quick because my doctors hands were freezing, which automatically gave me the chills. Now for the 'fun' part, a quick swap for the required strep B test, followed by a check to see if I am starting to dilate. I have been having Braxton Hicks contractions for almost 2 months, so my doctor wasn't too surprised to discover I was already dilated to a 2 and my cervix was nice and thin. And while we didn't discuss me going into labor early, we did discuss that due to my previous c-section that inducing was not an option, which is fine with me, as I am scared to death of what lies ahead. While my c-section was ages ago and followed by 2 v-backs, I definitely don't want a repeat c-section and my last delivery resulted in so many complications, including a bad reaction to my epidural I am hesitant on going down that path again too. So at this point in my head natural delivery is looking like my only option and that scares me too! So the longer this turkey stays roasting the better...although I really don't know if this belly of mine can stretch any more. Well here is hoping that she stays in her oven till my next appointment in 2 weeks!

Here are a few pics that I took 10/23/13 at 35 weeks. Here is where I am going to brag a bit, those jeans in my fuzzy picture are my regular jeans and yes they are actually buttoned! Of course I didn't sit down in them!

11/13 OB appointment #9 (38 weeks) Not much to update for this appointment. My doctor was running late due to a early morning surgery but thankfully she rushed to catch up on all her appointments so I was seen about 20 minutes or so after my scheduled time. The downfall was the appointment was even more rushed than normal. Besides the usual weight check (I've gained 21 pounds so far), BP check 122/68  (really high for me, but within normal limits so they aren't concerned) - the nurse used the wrong cuff and had it placed it on my arm incorrectly but who am I to a RN how to do her job, and a urine check (I'm never told these results). A nurse checked turkeys heart beat, which it took her quite a bit of time to find it and even then she only listened for a second and her response was, sounds good nice and even beats. ummmm okay. She then had me undress for my pelvic exam, which turns out I am now dilated to 2.5 cm and my doctor believes turkey has dropped just a bit, which would obviously be the cause for my increased discomfort. Like most my appointments, once I was placed in a room my appointment was done and over with within 5-10 minutes.

Good news is my next appointment will be on the 19th and every week after that. My doctor doesn't believe that turkey will actually make her grand appearance early, although if she doesn't come before Thanksgiving I think Eric will have a heart attack knowing that she possibly could come during the last football game of the season. Other good news, we finally have a car seat, stroller, and turkey's crib came yesterday. Since it took us a bit more time last night to figure out an arrangement in our master bedroom, re-arrange furniture, and do a massive cleaning spree, the boys are planning on putting it together tonight. So for now this post is going public and it will either be updated as needed or maybe our next post will be of turkeys arrival. In case you are wondering, NO we don't have a name yet!!! Until next time.... here are a few pics of me and turkey roasting at 38 weeks.

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