The Brady Bunch Kids

The Brady Bunch Kids

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

and then there were two

As with many families with multiple children know, some days you get pulled into various directions with kids activities. It never fails that multiple kids have events scheduled for the same day, same time but it totally different directions. Our family is no different. Last Saturday, between one kid wanting to go to a baseball game and another needing to be at Girl Scouts, Bre, Jayson and I decided we didn't want to be sitting at either event.
So we packed up two cars, Breanna, Jayson and I jumped in the Brady Bunch bus while Eric, Joey and Jordyn took the Brady Bunch van. Besides a quick stop at the bank to get everyone a little weekend spending money, each vehicle headed in different directions. The Brady Bunch bus headed North as the Brady Bunch can headed east.

First stop for the Brady Bunch bus, Starbucks (of course)! With drinks in hand we headed to our next destination, Spanish Fort Fire Department, Station 1, for a fundraiser event to help a fellow co-worker. Jason Hadley is a medical technician at Thomas Hospital and also a volunteer fire fighter who was injured in a motorcycle accident about a month ago. Although we arrived about an hour before the event was over, it was amazing to see the amount of support from the community. And even more amazing was the fact that they started running out of food, shortly after the event started. Although we didn't purchase any of the wonderful food, we did make a nice purchase of sweets from the First Baptist Church bake sale.

During our time at the fundraiser, my friend Ben took Jayson on the firetrucks and let his wear some of his gear. Although Jayson is one of the shyest and quietest kids you will ever meet, you could see in his eyes his excitement to be able to go on the firetrucks. Jayson was even more excited when Ben told him he was welcome to come back anytime and that when he returned he would could use the firehoses! Breanna of course wouldn't step foot on the truck, but still had a great time.

A huge thanks to Ben for taking the time to show Jayson the firetrucks and for taking this picture!
Of course a few of the local EMT's were also at the event and Jayson had hoped to get to tour the ambulance as well, but unfortunately a call came out before we had the opportunity to take a quick tour.
Our next stop, Target to pick up a few household supplies and check out the toy section. Both Breanna and Jayson kept good tabs on how much money and both decided to purchase an ICEE and Jayson chose to purchase a toy after a long debate on which toy to buy. Then we were off to grab some lunch and good ole McDonalds, my least favorite place, but the kids love it. We then decided to head home, since the other clan was still out and about, for a bit of quiet time. Breanna chose to watch movies, Jayson played video games and of course I chose to hit the books.
To top off our day, we made homemade pizza and the kids enjoyed their sweets purchased from the fundraiser.

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