The Brady Bunch Kids

The Brady Bunch Kids

Thursday, May 26, 2011

As I sit in awe...

Most who know Breanna know that she is a whiz when it comes to completing puzzles!  People who find out how quickly she can put a puzzle together soon have a new obsession with buying, watching and yes, even timing her on how quickly she can complete a puzzle.  According to her teacher and the other adults in the classroom, Breanna has repeatedly put together 500 piece puzzles in 15 minutes or less. While I didn't truly believe that they had continually purchased puzzles just to time her, the amount of puzzles that now occupy her classroom now confirm their obsession!

Since today was Breanna's last full day at Fairhope High School they class decided to make lunch instead of having the typical 'sack lunch' from the cafeteria. For desert Breanna decided to bring mini-cupcakes, which I brought shortly before 11am.  After lunch I decided to stick around for a bit to take a few last minute pictures for a slide show I was putting together for her class for Friday.   Eventually all the kids had disappeared from the kitchen room and had migrated over to the classroom.  About two months ago their classroom had received a donation of 5 iPads, which Breanna received one of them,  and several Macintosh's.  When I walked in to the other room, one student was playing with Lego's while everyone else was on their iPads.  All but one, who was reading, was playing Angry Birds.  So I asked Breanna to show me what she does on her iPad.  She of course logged on and started playing Angry Birds, which she was awful at!  While the others quickly advanced to the next level, Breanna was stuck on level 1.  After a bit of time, I told her to do something else, which she quickly chose to do a puzzle, on the iPad.  I don't even know how she was able to make out what was supposed to be pieces of this puzzle.  Her iPad literally looked like someone had dumped a 200 piece puzzle into this tiny box.  She quickly started moving and attaching pieces like there was only 4 pieces to attach!  I sat there for about 5 minutes and watched her move her fingers to turn the pieces how she needed them and attach them to various parts of the puzzle.  These pieces were all different shapes and sizes, so I have no idea how she could match them so quickly.

Each time she matched a piece she would say "see?" to make sure I was watching her, believe me when I say I couldn't take my eyes off of her or that iPad puzzle.  I finally went and grabbed my phone to tape her doing this puzzle, because if I attempted to tell anyone what I had saw, they either wouldn't believe me or understand what the heck I was talking about.  After about 3 minutes of taping her, I quickly sent out a portion of the video to family!

I had previously decided that Breanna would get an iPad for Christmas this year, as she is always our difficult one to buy for because she tends not to need as many things as the other kids and unless she gets a movie or something with Sponge Bob, then she really doesn't care about what you got for her, she will look at it and then set it aside.  So although an iPad was already on her list this year, after watching her put this puzzle together and to see the other things she uses the iPad for....this child is definitely getting one!  I wish I was savvy enough to figure out how to put the video on here so you could be in 'awe' too.


06/03/11 - Ok I am starting to get the hang of this blogging is the video I took of Breanna putting a puzzle together on her iPad at school.

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