The Brady Bunch Kids

The Brady Bunch Kids

Monday, May 30, 2011

Who knew...

Breanna can PAINT!

So this past weekend was my long shifts at work, and my friend Carrie offered to help me out with watching Breanna.  When I picked Breanna up Saturday night, Carrie filled me in on all the things they had done during the day.  One of the things Breanna and Carries youngest daughter Leila did was paint, which we brought Breanna's painting home.  Then again on Sunday as I picked up Breanna, out came another painting.

Now I know that handicap children tend to be artistic, however Breanna has only drawn one picture a large fat sun so I never guessed that she would be able to paint.  Today Breanna and I ran to Hobby Lobby to pick up some painting supplies because I wanted to see this for myself.  Of course she chose every color of acrylic paint on the shelf, which I made her pick out only one shade of each color and then we picked out some brushes.  Carrie had the girls paint on poster board, which I found out the dollar store sells them 2 for a $1 (thanks mom!).  But while we were at the craft store they had a set of canvas for $6 so we bought one set.  Then we were off to the dollar store where we purchased 14 sheets of poster board and a plastic tray for her to put her paint on. 

Of course the minute we walked in the door I was begging her to paint me a picture, but of course she said NO every time.  Finally after a few hours she gave in and painted for me.  I set a piece of poster board in front of her at the dining room table along with all her paints in front of her, a cup of water (since Carrie had previously informed me she tended to use more water than paint), her paint tray and all her brushes she purchased earlier.  I asked her to chose which colors she wanted me to put in her tray and she picked out 6: red, blue, pink, yellow, brown and purple.  She then proceeded to dip one of her brushes in water and randomly paint her poster board with the water.  Next the entire board was painted red, followed by a portion of the red to be covered in blue.  With each color she chose, she also chose a different brush to paint with.  The remaining 'red' area was then painted with yellow, followed by pink and then brown.  Breanna then proceeded to take a new brush dipped in water and paint over certain areas of this section, never touching the section with just red and blue.  After a quick hand wash and a new brush they then topped off this section with purple.

Here are some of the video clips I took of her today painting.

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