The Brady Bunch Kids

The Brady Bunch Kids

Thursday, July 28, 2011

The weekend and family

This past weekend the Brady Bunch crew headed to Hillsboro to celebrate my niece's first birthday.  We decided to leave on Friday afternoon to make sure we didn't cut ourselves too short on time and miss out on Jocelyn's birthday party.  Unfortunately our 3 hour drive turned into a 4.5 hour drive due to the traffic, but it didn't help that it took us 2 hours to drive from Auburn to Olympia.  Thankfully once we reached the other side of Olympia traffic cleared right up and we were truly on our way.

Saturday we started our day at Hillsboro's Farmer Market where they had tons of activities going on for kids, however the only thing the kids did was force Jayson to get his picture taken.  Can you see the delight on his face?  The kids did enjoy fresh mini powder doughnuts and mom was nice enough to buy MyKayla a bag on our way home, since I made her stay and watch Breanna.

Next we were off to help with Jocelyn's first birthday party, mom headed to Craig and Lisa's to help transport food and the Brady Bunch clan and dad headed to Shute Park to set up BBQ's and decorate.  The older kids and I quickly started arranging and decorating tables and dad grabbed Jayson and started decorating with streamers (wish I had snapped a few pics, but time wasn't on our side).
Jocelyn's party lasted until about 3pm, which we all enjoyed a delicious lunch and caught up with those we haven't seen in a while.  Eric's kids met my family for the first time and enjoyed playing with their new cousins.

The kids continued playing at mom's house while Jessica and I did a quick Costco trip and made dinner.  The Brady Bunch clan hung out until about 10:30pm and then headed home.  Our trip home was much quicker than our trip there.

Sunday, we headed up to Seattle.  First stop Pike Place.

Next the kids participated in a zucchini race against each other.  They each, with the exception of Jarom who assisted Breanna in making her car, grabbed their desired zucchini and started making their cars.  There is a slight debate on who one the race as Breanna who was in lane 1 and Joey who was in lane 3 battled it out for first place.  Joey swears he won, but to me it looked like a tie, and of course Breanna could care less!  

After the races and a quick 'pit stop' we headed to Olympic Sculpture Park for some lunch and a little relaxation in the sun.  After lunch the younger of the clan wanted to put their feet in the water and had desperately hoped to find a place to actually change into their swim suits but they quickly discovered that the water was too cold to swim in, so they attempted to skip rocks.  Unfortunately none of them mastered the art of skipping rocks and they avoided several close calls of hitting each other in the face with rocks. 
After the older boys finished their naps in the park and the younger kids gave up on attempting to skip rocks we headed home but made a quick stop for ICEE's as a perfect way to end our weekend. 

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