The Brady Bunch Kids

The Brady Bunch Kids

Friday, July 8, 2011

From Alabama to Washington

On July 1st, with the Uhaul and Suburban loaded, and only running 3 hours behind schedule, the Brady Bunch clan was on the road.  Our goal, to drive 1000 miles a day in order to make our move in three days, this was not for the sake of the six kids, it was for the sanity of the two adults!
Day 1:  Three hour late start, three overturned vehicles, tons of road construction, cops everywhere, and a lovely extra hour and a half scenic drive on the backside of Dallas, we were only able to make it on outskirts of Dallas our first day.  Oh, I forgot to mention the little car incindent.  So for days before our move I had the constant nightmare of the youngest one throwing up the entire trip and of course in the vehicle I was driving, thankfully this did not occur, but he did have a slight accident of wetting his pants, then not telling anyone, and changing where he sat in the car multiple long pit stop for our car as we stopped to clean and change him and clean the car...I love road trips!!!
Bring on Day 2: Due to our scenic drive the day before, Eric decided to stop in the hotel office to print of definate directions of a route to take in order to prevent the mishap of trying to determine routes from navigator 1 with the atlas in the lead car and me with Google maps giving me the shortest route (which we didn't take any of those routes!).  Well wouldn't you know it, the hotel we stayed at had a computer for guests to use, but no printer and the gal working refused to print off directions for us!  So moving on...Our goal for day 2, Salt Lake City which was 20 hours away.  Regardless of a great day of driving, no accidents, no construction and less than a handful of cops we were only able to make it to Moab, UT. 
At first it appeared that all the hotels were full, however the front desk gal at a hotel offered to make some calls to deteremine if any of the hotels had any openings, luckily for us the hotel right next door had an opening.  From the outside this isn't the 'prettiest' hotel, and I am sure many people pass it by, however we were able to get a large room with 3 queen beds (yea no sneaking kids into hotels) and we only paid $20 more than a room with 2 queen beds.  All eight of us were able to enjoy a filling continental breakfast before getting back on the road again, so our 1 hour delay was well worth it!  If anyone is ever in the Moab, UT area check out Moab Valley Inn
Day 3: With a quick stop near Syracuse, UT so Jarom could drop off some stuff with his dad and Jarom and MyKayla could say a quick hello to the 'family' we all grabbed a bite to eat we were back on the road.  Another great day of traveling, only dilemmas were that the youngest had a death wish, so he was quickly moved to the Uhaul, where he quickly learned riding in the Uhaul was NOT fun!  And a side not to those who chose to haul your own stuff across country, DO NOT try to predict how much gas you have in the moving truck and how much further you think you can make it on a tank of gas...there is nothing like 'coasting' a Uhaul into a gas station!
July 4th around 2am we pulled into the driveway of our new house, the kids were informed that although they were excited to go and check out the new house, we were all calling it a night, with our suitcases and sleeping bags in hand we found the first piece of carpet and called it a night!

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