The Brady Bunch Kids

The Brady Bunch Kids

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Minimizing housework to maximize family time

After reading several posts on a friends blog on how she is minimizing her household, it made me wonder if our household has minimized enough in order to reduce the amount of required 'housework' to allow us to be able to spend the maximum amount of family time together.

When we have a full house, our week goes as planned:

Laundry - Girls
Dishes -Girls
Sweep and Vacuum - Boys
Television - Breanna

Laundry - Boys
Dishes -Boys
Sweep and Vacuum - Girls
Television - Joey

Laundry - Trina
Dishes - Girls
Sweep and Vacuum - Boys
Television - Jordyn

Laundry - Girls
Dishes - Boys
Sweep and Vacuum - Girls
Television -MyKayla

Laundry -Trina
Dishes -Girls
Sweep and Vacuum -Boys
Television -Jayson

Laundry -Trina
Dishes -Boys
Sweep and Vacuum - Girls
Television - Jarom

Kids day off of chores.

Since we have all the kids when they are out of school, we have set times when things must be done.

The kitchen is open for:
Breakfast until 9:30 am
Lunch from 12 -1 or earlier if everyone is finished eating
Dinner is served between 6-6:30

Dishes must be done after each meal and includes wiping down all counters and the table.
Since we have hardwood floors, sweeping must also be done after each meal.
On each laundry day, if you are assigned that day you do not have to use it, however if you chose to complete your laundry on that day you may NOT leave any items in either the washer or dryer for the following day.  If  anything is left, it will be thrown away immediately - no warning.
Due to constant bickering over certain individuals 'claiming' the main television (which has the most viewing channels), television days were assigned to reduce and prevent bickering.

In addition to the daily assignment of chores:

Each child must make their beds each morning and participate equally in assisting with their daily chores.
Each child's room must be picked up throughout the day, if a surprise inspection is done that parent has the right to throw any items, not in their proper place, away with no warnings.
If a child does not pull their weight, all other participants have the right to assign that child 'extra chores' or make them complete a group chore individually.  Unfortunately the youngest, age 6, was assigned multiple additional chores throughout the summer which included vacuuming the stairs on the days he was assigned to sweep and vacuum AND was assigned to clean the kids bathroom on the opposite days.

We previously had additional problems of others using things that don't belong to them, so to help reduce this we have started to reduce and colorize each child's belongings.  Each of us has a chosen color for towels: Eric - red, Trina - tan, Breanna - navy blue, Joey - green, Jarom - orange, MyKayla - pink, Jordyn - purple, Jayson - light blue.

The kids have1 towel, 1 matching colored wash clothes and 1 mesh cloth. 

We purchase our toothbrushes in large packs we are often successful on giving each child the correct color toothbrush, since this isn't always possible we have two toothbrush holders one for my kids and one for Eric's kids to help prevent them from using the 'wrong' toothbrush.

Each child also has 1 set of sheets for their beds.  Since the majority of the kids are only here during breaks they already have limited amounts of clothing and shoes.  So our next goal is to purchase 1 set of colored dishes for each child.

What do you do to minimize your household work and to maximize your family time?

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  1. That's a great system! Super mom teaching her kids to be responsible. :) We each only have one set of sheets except for the baby. Makes it so much easier to just wash and put right back on. Each kid has their own towel, Jeff and I share a few between us. But each does have their own responsibilities. Lea is in charge of the bathroom counter always being cleaned. Lucas is in charge of the table being cleaned. They each have a part of the dishwasher to empty. Rooms must be cleaned up before they can go to bed. My room however is a total mess.....I just close the door and task master everyone else. :)