The Brady Bunch Kids

The Brady Bunch Kids

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Who gave you the right to judge?

Today while Eric, Breanna, and I were out doing our weekly shopping a cashier attempted to carry on a conversation.  He started with the usually “how are you today?” in which I replied, “great thank you and yourself?”, his response, “fine.”  He then asked, what I up to today in which I responded that our family was out doing our weekly shopping.  His next question kind of threw me as he asked if our family went to church today.  Now let me paint a little picture of this cashier, he appeared to be in his early twenties, with ratty, matted blond, long hair that he had somewhat separated and pulled over both shoulders.  He also had some form of a rubber band that appeared to just ‘lie’ in his hair, not on top of his head, or around any given section of his hair, it was…well…just there.  He had tattoos on his uncovered arms, so on one hand his question on whether or not my family went to church today somewhat took me by surprise.  My response was “no, our family did not attend church today.”

His next question to me, “it is Sunday right?” in which I acknowledged that in fact today was Sunday.  He then asked “well why you didn’t go to church?” HUH????? Do I know you? And why am I having THIS conversation in the checkout of a store?  I politely responded, that I have my beliefs and I don’t need to attend church to know or have a belief, regardless of religion.  He then stated, “Oh please, don’t tell me you are an atheist.”  I kindly responded, “I am not” and secretly prayed that he would speed up and finish my transaction.  While I didn’t make or voice an opinion on his appearance, what right did he have to stand there and question me on my religious beliefs and practices?

This conversation really haunted me for the rest of the afternoon.  Eric, who was not in the checkout line with me was appalled that a cashier attempted and continued to have this conversation with me.  It made me stop and ponder how many of us and how often do we judge others?
On what others do or don’t believe, what they do and don’t do with their life, what they stand for and what they don’t, what political party they follow, what religion they do or don’t believe in, appearances, finances, financial status or the appearance of their financial status (keeping up with the Joneses), what clothes people wear, cars they drive…this list can go on and on and on.
Last I knew my life was my own.  To make decisions and live my life based on my choices. Since when did my life become yours to tell me how to live it and I really would like to know WHO gave you the right to judge me?

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