The Brady Bunch Kids

The Brady Bunch Kids

Monday, November 14, 2011

Four-week debt buster

For those of you don't have time or haven't quite figured out how to fully benefit from cutting coupons I heard the following 'debt buster' on the Anderson show today.

Week One: Find a money buddy - Be sure to find someone who is financially stable and a responsible spender who can support you and talk you out of unnecessary purchases.

Week Two: Only use cash (except for paying your bills).

Week Three: Buy only generic.

Week Four: Host a swap party. “One person’s junk is another person’s treasure.” Host a party encouraging all friends to bring unwanted or old (but usable) items. Create a raffle system that establishes a picking order, and then allow each guest to pick a variety of items from the pile of old goods.


  1. that is great! I love the last one. We had a 'New to You' morning for Relief Society one weekend. It was awesome! Everything was free, you just brought whatever you didn't want anymore and it was take what you want. I got Lucas a bike - a bike!? Our ward is REALLY young so LOTS of little babies, took home lots of cute baby clothes and sent them to Sharolyn - we have no need for cute 'winter' clothes. :) Helpful tips!

  2. Mom's ward or stake did the same thing, she said they had one room just filled with stuffed animals.
    I saw, although just a small part, of a television show where the swap items were 'high priced' items, so they offered exchanges first then each item was priced to allow the 'original owner' to money off their item(s) without having to deal with a consignment shop.