The Brady Bunch Kids

The Brady Bunch Kids

Tuesday, December 6, 2011


So I just finished my run for the day and think I've determine my goal for running my first 5k on Saturday, 12 minutes per mile.

I determined my goal based on four factors, my average walking speed, my average running/ walking speed, I've only been running on the treadmill, and it's going to be FREEZING on Saturday. Yesterday I walked 5 miles in 67 minutes, which averages a 13.4 mile. Today on the treadmill I alternated running at a speed of 6.8 and walking at 4.0 f,or a total of 3 miles which took me 33.36 minutes to complete, which averaged a 11.12 mile. Because of my competitive streak, I am sure I could probably average a 10.5 minute mile, I know nothing to brag about, but hey it's my first 5k! However, it will probably only be about 30-35 degrees during my run and again, I have NOT ran outside!

Oh my, what I have signed up for??? Actually, I know what I signed up for! Exactly what I wanted to do. My question to myself is why did you sign up to run now? You know, cause the have 5k's ALL the time, even in warmer weather! But at least I will have the support of my family, only because there are no football games on! And Eric informed me today that he and Ms. Bre will be watching me from the car, with the heat full blast and a movie on. He also attempted to give me an incentive to run faster than my goal of 12 minute miles, by telling me the faster I run the 5k the sooner I get to be in the warmth of the car.
I need to find one of these ASAP!

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