The Brady Bunch Kids

The Brady Bunch Kids

Thursday, December 8, 2011

O Tannenbaum

For weeks Breanna has been asking (in her own little way) to get a Christmas tree and in return I have been bugging Eric to go and get us a fresh tree. When I was younger my family used to go to a tree farm, find ourselves the 'perfect tree', and then dad would cut it down. And since we were back in the Pacific Northwest I was hoping we could start our own tradition of going and getting a fresh cut tree and donating our 'fake' tree to someone in need. But that tradition will have to start next year...

So last Saturday, I dug out all the Christmas stuff from underneath the stairs, or as the kids call it, the 'Harry Potter closet'. Since I am my mother's daughter, almost every box and bin in there is Christmas stuff. Thankfully we don't have much furniture for our downstairs yet, which allowed my to scatter boxes into two different rooms. Bre's job, supervising me putting the tree together, saying 'lights, lights, lights', and watching every Christmas movie we own.

I found the bin with the lights, checked the first 4 strands, surprisingly they all worked, and began placing them on the tree. Making great progress and realizing I am not going to need to use as many strands as I have in years past, I come to a dead stop. Checking the 3 remaining strands I come across half a strand that works, a dead strand, and another half a strand that works, and I need 1 full strand! No biggie, I just need to find the dead bulb in one of my half strands...

Are you done yet???
Three days later...okay maybe not three days, but obviously we watch too much Sponge Bob if that line pops in my head, and with many fuse changes later and light changes (just picture every working light from one strand replaced on the other half of a strand AND every light pulled out of the nonworking strand), we have light! Now it's past 7pm and I started this task about 4 hours ago and I am NOT stopping til it's done! By 9pm the last ornament is on the tree, it is in position, and the clean up process has began!
Breanna showing off 'HER' Christmas tree!

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