The Brady Bunch Kids

The Brady Bunch Kids

Friday, December 2, 2011

What have I gotten myself into?

As I was running on the treadmill this afternoon, I realized that in one week I will be running my first 5k.

But....I am not ready! Where did the time go? Can someone turn back the clock PLEASE???

Okay, so maybe it's not that bad, but I am no where near where I had hoped to be. I will probably be the only one running who hasn't actually ran outside! Good news is, I do have warm clothes (recently bought) to be able to keep warm during my run, since it looks like it will be a nice and warm 39 degrees. What was I thinking of signing up for my first 5k in the winter! It's not like there aren't 5k's in the spring, summer, or fall. Regardless, why didn't I sign up for the 5k walk instead of the run?

For the past few weeks since I completed my couch-to-5k training, I have been attempting to gradually increase my speed and distance by working in 1/4 mile increments, alternating walking at a speed of 4.0-4.2, and running at a speed of 6.6-7.0. I have also joined a local indoor walking group, where we walk on Mondays and Wednesdays, as permitted.

This walking group meets at a local venue that hosts the hockey and basketball games, as well as some other events. Depending on the staffs needs to set up for events, determines if we are able to meet on our scheduled days. We have two floors which we can walk, downstairs is stroller friendly, but requires the walker to 'turn around' at various points, while upstairs we are able to walk full laps, this is where I walk. Five laps upstairs equals a mile. Each walker is given a pedometer, if needed, and the average person can walk a mile in 2000 steps. I have given myself a goal to walk for 1 hour (they are open for 2) and to complete as many steps/ miles within that time. I usually track my distance based on my ending steps, but realized on Wednesday that my mile does not equal 2000 steps.

I usually try to count my laps as well, but often I start talking to some of the ladies and then forget how many laps I was on. Wednesday, I actually kept track, and realized that in 1 hours time, from check in to check out (yes we sign in and out) I walked 25 full laps! Whoo hoo I guess I walk faster than I thought. I have been given an official nickname by some of the ladies too, the 'lap-her', which is kind-of cute considering I am one of the youngest to walk on the upper floor and I do tend to lap everyone. Maybe one day, I will just walk socially instead of for my cardio for the day. I do have to give a huge kuddos to one gal, she recently had a knee replacement, and I tend to only lap her every 4 laps. She told me the week of Thanksgiving, that I am her new be able to walk as fast as me! maybe I will do okay on my 5k, it's not like I am doing it to impress anyone, I am not out to beat anyone's time, which is good, cause the winner last year completed it in 15 minutes! I am just doing it, to do it.

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