The Brady Bunch Kids

The Brady Bunch Kids

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Workout 4.4

Boring boring boring...

What a completely boring day. Started out my weekday as usual, alarm goes off at 6:30, hit snooze till about 6:45. Get Bre up and in the bath, pick out her outfit for the day, do her hair, get myself dressed, get both of us downstairs so she can eat breakfast while I make her lunch. Thankfully she wanted to buy lunch today, so one less morning chore for me! Get her backpack all set while she grabs her shoes and coat, get her on the bus, get back in the house to make sure Eric is up and moving for work, make breakfast and coffee, eat, job search until lunch, eat again (I love food!!!), make Eric lunch while he is driving home, get him back out the door, and then run...

I only needed to complete 30-minutes on the treadmill, but I decided to watch a movie on Bre's iPad while I ran to help pass the time. This worked great for about the first 15-minutes and then....boredom!!! I had decided that today would be a nice light run but due to being bored, I kept increasing the speed...this did not help but I'm almost done and as an extra bonus I am done before Bre is home from school, so I didn't have ten million interruptions. Do a quick post stretch and exit the exercise room.

While I wait for Bre's bus to arrive, I go through the grocery sales adds, get Bre off the bus, figure out plan B for dinner because my whole chicken that I was going to roast was still frozen when it was time to put that bird in the oven, make a quick batch of dough for rolls tonight, and now I sit on hold with the IRS for-EVER!!!! Seriously forever 25-minutes I was able to talk to someone, but he wasn't able to answer my questions, which I figured he wouldn't so I was expecting to be transferred, however he mistakenly transferred me to the wrong department, which I found out 45-minutes into the call. Now I sit on hold again, its been an hour so far and I really hope my phone battery lasts long enough to actually talk to the right department.  The good thing about being on hold, I am actually going to post my blog on the same day!

Today's workout results: 3.04 miles in 30-minutes which included my 5-minute warm-up walk averaged a 9:52 pace.

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