The Brady Bunch Kids

The Brady Bunch Kids

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Workout 2/27-3/4

A week in review, I gave up on my 10K running. I know deep down I shouldn't but I did. I could list every excuse why I did, but I will spare you because overall it probably boils down to I am just too lazy to continue. I do still get on the treadmill, however it is no longer 6 days a week. Instead of following the workout schedule, I am alternating walking and jogging every 0.25 miles and my speed various, however I have a rule that I can not walk at a speed slower than 4.0 and I can't jog at a speed slower than 6.0.

Monday: 30-day shred, treadmill - 5.12 miles in 60 minutes, averaged a 11:43 pace.
Tuesday: 30-day shred, treadmill - 3.79 miles in 45 minutes, averaged a 11:52 pace.
Wednesday: 30-day shred, Zumba
Thursday: 30-day shred, treadmill - 5.07 miles in 60 minutes, averaged a 11:50 pace.
Friday: 30-day shred, treadmill - 5.22 miles in 60 minutes, averaged a 11:29 pace.
Saturday: day off
Sunday: day off

According to dailymile I had a 'gnarly' training this week! My total distance was 19.20 miles in 3 hours and 45 minutes, burning 1009 calories, hmmmm seemed like it was more, wishful thinking I guess!

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