The Brady Bunch Kids

The Brady Bunch Kids

Monday, June 25, 2012

Breanna's Graduation

You may recall I have been debating for about half of the school year on whether or not I would have Breanna attending her graduating classes commencement ceremonies. Breanna has a hard time being in environments with large, noisy crowds, especially for a great length of time. Then if you add having to make her sit through all of this, she gets figity and will request to go to the bathroom constantly, in order to escape the chaos. Because of this I felt it wasn't fair to her or a teachers aid to have her sit through a graduation ceremony, especially when she has no understanding or comprehension of the purpose and accomplishment of graduating. Like Breanna, most disabled students would have difficulty sitting through a long graduation ceremony, therefore her high school holds a special graduation ceremony for the disabled graduating class.

The invitation in black and white.
Breanna before her graduation ceremony.

Bre with Auburn High School Principle and one of the districts special ed teachers.

After the ceremony the district hosted a mini reception for graduates and their families.

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