The Brady Bunch Kids

The Brady Bunch Kids

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

This years garden

This year Eric and I decided to start our garden from seeds, so during the months of January and February we sorted through the thousands of seed packets in various stores to determine what we'd plant this year. See our previous blog for what we selected. Since we are renting our current home, our garden is limited to the small areas bordering our grass in our backyard. After much debate,we figured out the best areas to plant everything, and started our seeds in pods. I also installed 4 metal posts in a large triangular pattern in the largest 'dirt' corner of our yard, which would be our supports for beans, peas, and cucumbers.

I spent an entire Saturday (12+ hours) in April placing wire between the four posts, tilling up the ground, and planting all our seeds. I know some of our plants should have been in the ground sooner, but we were still having extremely low temperatures and didn't want to risk killing my plants. My two blueberry bushes actually survived the winter, although one was looking a little scrawny it still had some new growth on it, so they both got the surrounding ground tilled up and some fresh compost around them.

Fast forward two months and my nicely thought out garden turns into an EPIC FAIL!!!

Okay maybe not the entire garden, as the blueberry bushes are producing and my lettuce seeds from last year that didn't grow, started growing, the spinach is out of control (we can't eat it fast enough and the leaves are ENORMOUS), the majority of my peas are slowly taking off, and my green onions are growing like weed. But the rest of the garden isn't doing so well.

Tomatoes:  Planted 3 kinds, one didn't spout at all, and the other two are so tiny they are barely above ground level.

Red Onion(s)
Green Onions

White Onion(s)

Onions:  Red started to sprout and then stopped and so far 2 out of 8 white onions are trying to survive (our green onions are planted in between the red and white so I know its not the soil that's hindering their growth!

Cilantro: It started great and then, well it just disappeared!

Broccoli: Planted 3 plants, 2 grew and then one was taken over by ants


Jalapeno: Planted 10 plants and a handful are starting to grow


Peppers (red and green): Planted 10 and a handful are starting to grow


Corn: Planted 2 rows, half of one row didn't grow and Breanna stepped on about 5+ stalks.


Beans: All but one plant grew, unfortunately they are growing at an extremely slow rate.


Cucumbers: One plant continued to grow after being planted into the ground and then was infected by 'something', so we had to restart several plants.

Peas: All but 2-3 grew, but like the beans are growing at a slower rate than normal

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