The Brady Bunch Kids

The Brady Bunch Kids

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Last hurrah of the summer

The kids were able to chose one final activity for the summer. They had narrowed down going to the Water World and Adventure Land. Water World has a handful of water slides, a wave pool and kiddie pool and Adventure Land offers bumper boats, mini golf, go-karts, arcade, and batting cages. As usual the kids were split on what they wanted to do. Some made their decisions based on cost...yep I trained some of them well, and others made their decision on what they wanted to do. Of course it wouldn't be our family if we didn't get at least one "I don't know" or "I don't care". Based on an executive decision of Breanna and I not going with the crew if they chose the water park, not due to guilt of trying to make them chose one activity over another, but due to the fact that Breanna wouldn't do one thing at the water park and someone has to be with her at all times, it just wasn't cost effective to pay for the two of us to sit for hours on end at the water park, so we headed off to Adventure Land.

We chose to purchase a 5 daily specials which included: one game of mini-golf, one go-kart ride, one bumper boat ride, and  arcade tokens and Bre and I purchased a mini-golf token. The bumper boats and go-kart tokens were one in the same so the kids chose to ride the go-karts twice. We also discovered that we didn't need to purchase a 'special' for Jayson as he was too young to ride the go-karts himself, unless he rode in the youth cars where he would have to go around the track by himself. But lucky for us we have 2 extra tokens to use at a later time.

Everyone chose to ride the go-karts, play mini-golf, ride the go-karts again, and finish the day in the arcade. 

Jayson and Eric racing around the track

Jarom in the race for 1st place

Joey also in the race for 1st place

Breanna and Jayson patiently waiting for the rest of us...okay they were told to stop and wait!

MyKayla wanted a picture practicing her 'golf swing'

And Breanna makes a hole in one!!! Unfortunately we only got the beginning shot.

An attempt to get a picture with all the!

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