The Brady Bunch Kids

The Brady Bunch Kids

Monday, August 13, 2012

Playground fun

One of the best things about moving to Dothan, AL, is the activities that Breanna can actually participate in. When we were living in Fairhope, AL Breanna participated in a special needs t-ball/ softball team that played for about two months a year. Kids from all over the county would come to a local baseball field, were split into two teams, and would play for about two hours. Here in Dothan not only do they have every special olympic sport available, they also have a miracle field. Miracle fields are a custom-designed field with a cushioned rubberized surface that makes the entire playing field and dugouts wheelchair accessible

Next to the Miracle Leauge Field is playground designed specifically for handicap children, which Breanna has enjoyed playing at.

The playground

I just love the entrance!
Bre loves the slides

And her second favorite part of the park!

She climbed up the steps then decided there was no way she was going across those bars!

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