The Brady Bunch Kids

The Brady Bunch Kids

Thursday, September 27, 2012


There are some extreme benefits of having professional packers do all your packing for you, mainly I didn't have to pack anything except for the items we took in the car with us.

The downfalls of having others do your packing, you have no idea what is in each box, if anything is broken, or if everything you had actually got packed and shipped.

Day 1 of unpacking, same day the truck arrived...unpack and set up anything and everything that Comcast will need to set up the internet and cable. Sounds easy right...I am sure it would have been if I had actually knew what was in each box. I was able to locate the majority of the items as it's pretty easy to see the television boxes, DVD boxes, and computer boxes. But at 10:30 pm, I am still trying to locate the keyboard to the desktop, a television, two DVD players, and Eric and I are attempting to studs in the living room to hang up a TV. We finally give up, call it a night, and head back to the hotel.

Day 2, the Comcast installer is due to arrive between 10-12pm, so Breanna and I arrive about 9 and I start unpacking the kitchen. What a time consuming process. Each item was wrapped in multiple layers of paper, even pencils, paperclips, chip clips, anything and everything was wrapped! It was like Christmas, you didn't know what anything was until it was unwrapped (this got old after several hours and days!).

Below is a picture I took of just one box worth of paper, next to it is a 4-quart round crock pot. Now to be fair the packers, this paper came from a large box full of glass, and I mean completely full of glass, and there was not a single piece broken, chipped, or damaged!

Day 3, We checked out of our hotel today and I can't believe how much stuff we had in our room. It took us 5 trips from the room to the car using the hotels luggage cart. I also came across my first broken item, a bamboo cutting board. But on the bright side, I now have two small cutting boards! Not too bad for unpacking about 50 boxes, and I bet if the packers would have wrapped this in  paper it wouldn't have broke!
Day 4, the kitchen boxes are unpacked, washed, and put away. Even with my pre-planning, I don't really like the way the kitchen flows, but I am afraid if I move things now, the flow will be worse. But for now the post-it notes stay (just in case I do start re-arranging). Bre insisted on being in my picture!
We even had our first cooked meal, it wasn't much just Chicken Parmesan, but Bre insisted on having elbow macaroni instead of spaghetti. We are almost back to a normal routine!

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