The Brady Bunch Kids

The Brady Bunch Kids

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Did someone say school?

Now that we have moved out of the hotel, I was finally able to enroll Breanna in school. Since she is 18 and last year was considered her senior year, we had to choose a grade to classify her in for the next few years. Due to a huge district test this year for juniors, we decided to label her in 12th grade for the remainder of her school years.

While we were registering her last Friday, we were able to meet the district psychologist, special ed chair, and her teacher...Ms.

Dothan has two high schools, one on the north side (Northview) and the other on the south side (Dothan) of the city, and our house sits exactly in between the two. Our house falls within the Northview High School's boundaries and all the handicapped kids from 9th grade to age 21 also attend Northview, which will hopefully give Breanna a larger social group and who knows maybe there is at least one other student who lives in or subdivision!

Northview High School
Monday was her first day of classes and she did great. Ms. Barbie had told me that all weekend she was so nervous and concerned for Breanna. She was afraid that Bre would have a difficult time joining the classroom, especially since school started a month and a half ago. But her first day went completely opposite than what Ms Barbie had expected. I stayed in the classroom for a little bit to fill out some final paperwork and while I was doing that Bre was shown her cubbie and was told to have a seat with some of the kids who were about to take a test on last weeks reading. While the kids took their test, Bre colored and of course repeated some of the questions that were being asked to the other students.

On Tuesday, I met Breanna's twin, her name is Breann. Both girls are the same height, have the same color hair, although Bre's is curly and Breann's is straight, love to repeat lines in movies and TV shows, love to color so hard they break their crayons, and so far seem to be identical in everything way.

So far she is enjoying her time at school and I am enjoying a few hours by myself to finish getting the house unpacked and organized. Things will be even better once the bus starts picking and dropping her off.

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