The Brady Bunch Kids

The Brady Bunch Kids

Thursday, September 20, 2012

We are in!

I received a call on Monday from the gentleman who is driving our belongings from Seattle to Alabama and he is AHEAD of schedule. As a matter of fact he was in Idaho loading another families belongings and he informed me he would be in Huntsville, AL on Saturday, so he wanted to deliver our stuff in one week...ONE WEEK!!!!

I am sooooo excited, you have no idea. My brother told me hotel living would get old and I didn't believe him, because lets be honest 2 months in a hotel, with complimentary breakfasts, pool, on-site laundry, and housekeeping can't be all that bad, right??? WRONG!!! I have a severe snorer in the room next to us. I don't know how he can sleep for so many hours snoring SOOOO LOUDLY! but he does. And to top it off some nights Eric is so exhausted he snores too, he denies it but I recorded him to prove it (and yes it is saved in a secret place to bring out the evidence in the future if needed!)

So now slight panic mode. The owners were (and maybe still are) in town doing some remodeling and we are scheduled to sign the lease the same day our belongings are to arrive. Oh...the driver will be at the house at 8:30 AM and the property management team is in the next town over (about 30-45 minute drive, each way) and doesn't open till 9. A quick call to see if we can sign the lease early, which we can, but it will have to be Friday, so they can finish doing what they need to do to ensure the property is ready.

Now what is my life without a few catch-22's? Appointment is scheduled for Eric to sign the lease Friday at 1pm, but of course that time doesn't work for him, heck that entire day doesn't work for him! UGH!!! Only possible time that he can get away is 12:30, which the property manager can't do because of a prior commitment. Boy do I love being the middleman!!! So we are scheduled again for 1pm on Friday. Whoo.  The property manager stated she would be at the property Wednesday to do their walk through and take pictures of the new upgrades and put in the request for a cleaning and any needed repairs to ensure everything was at least in the works before we signed our lease.

Okay, so we are headed in the right direction...and then (cause my big mouth) Eric says, why don't we just sign the lease when they do their walk through. Hmmmm, well on one hand that makes more sense they are coming to us, we don't have to drive, Eric doesn't have to miss hours of work, we have to pay a few extra days of rent, but at least we will have the keys. Cause lets be honest and up front, if Eric could not get way on Friday to sign the lease, we would not have had the keys to let the movers into the house and who knows where our stuff would have been left!

Middleman here... and a few back and forth phone calls and text messages, we have a meeting time to sign the lease! An hour later and voila house keys! and some light reading (HOA rules/ regulations).

Our home for the next year!

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