The Brady Bunch Kids

The Brady Bunch Kids

Saturday, November 17, 2012

I didn't on to week 5

As my headline states, I not only survived week 4 of Couch to 5K, I even added additional workouts. Besides ending my week with pretty good workout results (total of 12.37 miles) I got the pleasure of getting a nice sinus infection! Thankfully it limited itself to only one side and the decongestants seem to be keeping it contained, while allowing me to breath. Eric greatly thanks the manufacturers of my little pills!

So a little few notes about this weeks workouts. This is the first week where each workout is a different routine. #1 is alternating jogging 5 minutes (3 runs) with walking 3 minutes (2 walks), #2 is jogging 8 minutes (twice) and walking 5 minutes (once), and #3 is jogging 20 minutes (goal for 2 miles in that time). For my convenience, throughout the entire Cto5K training I walk at a speed of 4.0 and jog at 6.0 and I also follow the minute schedule (as listed above) instead of mileage. More times than not I run on my treadmill and it is much easier to calculate minutes versus mileage and my treadmill has speed buttons, so it's easier to hit 4, then scroll up and down to a desired speed.

Sunday: Sick with sinus infection
Monday: Going to try to run this sinus infection right out of me! Had a great run, even though I was congested and listened to the radio during my run. Cto5K week 5.1, 2.51 miles in 31 minutes.
Tuesday: Day off
Wednesday: why do the walking parts of my workout end so quickly and the running part take so long? Workout 5.2 resulted in 2.53 miles in 31 minutes.
Thursday: Day off
Friday: first workout that required jogging the entire time (except warm up and cool down), 2.63 miles in 30 minutes. I had such a great run that I may actually repeat this workout tomorrow!
Saturday: And yesterdays motivation did not carry over to today...DANG! Oh well another day off for me this week!

Total miles this week 7:67 in 92 minutes.

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