The Brady Bunch Kids

The Brady Bunch Kids

Thursday, November 15, 2012

What is with this weather?

Seriously I think I might just die. One day it's mid 80's the next morning it is in the low 30's. the weather has been bouncing from warm to freezing each day. Two days ago it was in the high 70's and yesterday it was just chilly enough that Breanna's bus driver thought I was crazy because I was in running shorts. Of course I had just finished running a few minutes before she arrived so shorts and the temp was just perfect!

Last weekend I battled a sinus infection and I should have know I was going to get sick when I slept until 11am on Saturday, the latest I ever sleep in is until 7. The drainage started soon after I woke up which I'd rather have drainage than congestion any day and to top it off it was only on my right side (bigger bonus for me!) I let nature do its thing during he day and popped a couple decongestants to help me sleep at night. Eric proudly thanks the drug manufacturers for their miraculous pills as he was able to sleep all night because I could breath!

The last few days I have felt great but this morning I woke up to a nice bloody nose (extremely rare for me to get) and chest congestion (where did this come from???) Eric is always so thoughtful as he tells me I sound awful this morning and that I better not give him my crud especially so close to the weekend cause football is on and there is no time to get sick! Ya love you too Hun!

Since today is payday and the week before Black Friday sales kick into gear I spent the morning paying all the bills for the rest of the month and trying to figure out the last little but of our Christmas budget, which is going to be a little tighter this year. As I was working in this I was freezing!!! Of course first thought is that I haven't fully beaten the bug from a few days ago so I went around the house to turn off all the ceiling fans, threw on some warmer clothes and slippers, then went to adjust the fan on my thermostat (yes my AC is still on, I live in Alabama where you should have to run it year round!) Our house temp was 66 which isn't too bad at all but by 3:30pm I was beyond freezing. You k ow when you get so cold you go looking for the winter coat and gloves?

The thermostat still reads 66, all the fans are still turned off, but the outside temp has dropped, to 51!!!

I seriously needed to double check that my app was set to the right city! Outside is grey and breezy and if I hadn't saw that it was 51 I would have guessed it was colder...cold enough to snow, colder! And I really had to make sure that a) I was living in Alabama and b) Alabama is in the know where most northerners go to live for the winter cause it's warmer!

At this rate I won't be surprised to see snow!

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