The Brady Bunch Kids

The Brady Bunch Kids

Saturday, November 3, 2012

I guess it was meant to be...

We...okay I am repeating week 3 of Cto5K. Believe me I had only thought about doing it and I honestly had no intention of actually repeating the week, even though I only completed 2 of the 3 workouts last week due to illness. But as I logged onto my app to start my run, my week 3 was not checked off as completed...not one single workout. I have pictures to prove I ran, yes I am that mental that I take a pic of my treadmill after my run, I even log it into and then again on this blog, pathetic I know, but it's my motivation on what I have done, what I am capable of doing, and it pushes me to go further. So with all that said, here is to repeating last week...with better results!

Sunday: Day off
Monday: Cto5K (take 2) 3.1,  2.1 miles in 28 minutes
Tuesday: Day off
Wednesday: Cto5K 3.2, 2.11 miles in 28 minutes, Pilates
Thursday: walked on the treadmill, 2 miles in 30 minutes
Friday: Cto5K 3.3, 2.15 miles in 28 minutes
Saturday: Cto5K 3.extra, 2.15 miles in 28 minutes

Total miles for the week: 10.51. Pilates this week just didn't click. I am not sure if it was because it was a new routine or I just wasn't in to it, but I will give it another go next week.

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