The Brady Bunch Kids

The Brady Bunch Kids

Friday, November 9, 2012

On to week 4

And I think I am going to die!!!!

The last few weeks of running have been nice and easy, run for 90 seconds walk for a minute and a half, run for 3 minutes walk for 5. You know that kind of nice, where you walk more than you run. But oh my goodness, I about died just reading what this weeks running workout entailed. And I swear if I hadn't already changed my clothes, had mu running shoes on, and the treadmill already going before I saw the workout I might have not even started it.

This weeks motto is going to be: Unless you are passed out, vomiting, or dead you WILL NOT STOP...oh and injured, and.... (just kidding). So lets get this week started!

Sunday: Day off
Monday: Cto5K 4.1, 2.59 miles in 31.30 minutes
Tuesday: Cto5K 4.2, 2.59 miles in 31.30 minutes
Wednesday: Day off
Thursday: Cto5K 4.3, 2.6 miles in 31.30 minutes
Friday: Cto5K extra day, 2.59 miles in 31.30 minutes
Saturday: took a little stroll on the treadmill (to drown out all the 'couching' coming from the other room) 2 miles in 31.50 minutes.

I obviously survived week 4, so much that extra workouts were thrown into the week.

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