The Brady Bunch Kids

The Brady Bunch Kids

Friday, December 7, 2012

Awe week 8 so nice to see you

Technically this is the last week of my Couch to 5K training, next weeks schedule is to run a 5K, but since I haven't signed up for a race I guess you will have to wait and see what I do next week!

Workout 1 and 2 are to run 2.75 miles or 28 minutes and workout 3 is to run 3 miles or 30 minutes. Each workout should start with a 5 minute warm-up and end with a 5 minute cool-down.

Sunday: day off
Monday: 3.46 miles in 38 minutes
Tuesday: day off
Wednesday: 3.53 miles in 38 minutes
Thursday: day off
Friday: 3.63 miles in 40 minutes
Saturday: day off, do you like how I decided I wasn't going to run on Saturday the day before? yea me too!

Total miles this week 10.62.

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