The Brady Bunch Kids

The Brady Bunch Kids

Sunday, December 30, 2012


I have a strong urge to declutter, purge, and organize, no clue what brought it on but since I have had the urge for over two days, it is going to happen. After I cleaned up all the Christmas stuff, I thought I'd dive in, but after walking around the house, I am not quite sure where I am going to start. I'm guessing a game plan should be developed first and then we will get busy. had some decision making decisions, their list was for de-cluttering the kitchen, I modified it slightly to fit every room and area of the house.

Decisions, Decisions!

With each item you encounter you’ll have to decide: Keep, sell or donate, store, put away or toss? Bust the decision-making dam by holding each one in your hand and asking yourself a single question: “When have I last used it?”
“Never!” Out it goes, to the trash or for donation or to a yard sale.
“Within the last year.” Out it goes, with one exception. Seasonal items used only once a year, such as specialty cookie presses, but all seasonal items should be removed from current storage areas (rooms) and placed in labeled boxes with like items. For example, Christmas cookie presses stored with other Holiday cooking tools OR other Christmas items.
“Within the last month.” Candidate for a keeper. Deciding where the item should live will come during the organizing phase.
“Yesterday!” Watch for these items; they’re the backbone of an organized kitchen. Keep. Clean them if necessary and put them away where you found them.

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