The Brady Bunch Kids

The Brady Bunch Kids

Monday, December 24, 2012


It has come to my attention that none of our kids really know how to cook. The older ones could probably follow instructions on some prepackaged food item and be okay BUT I strongly dislike prepackaged foods. Although in the end it will be their choice what they will eat whether they cook it or purchase it or both when they are older, but as parents it is our responsibility to prepare them for their future. I know my kids are unable to cook at their dad's home and while I might disagree with this, I have no control over what occurs at another parents home. Joey is allowed to cook some items at his mother's but has admitted that the majority of the items he makes are prepackaged foods such as mac and cheese, spaghetti (from a jar), and so forth.

I have been compiling recipes on a separate blog, partially for my convenience, must mostly for the kids to reference when they do start cooking more or themselves. After talking with all the kids the last few weeks I have given some things to consider,
  • each child (minus Breanna) must come up with a list of foods that they would like to have the recipe
  • they must also have a list (can be the same list as above) that they would like to learn how to cook
Usually when all the kids are together I tend to let (room in the kitchen permitting) as many kids who are interested in helping, help. This practice is going to slightly change! From now on, each child will have the opportunity, by themselves, to practice making the items they want to learn how to make. Those others who are interested in learning how to make the same meal will be permitted to watch, however they will get their own opportunity to make the dish on their own at a later time. This decision was made shortly before Eric's kids had to return to their mothers during Winter (Christmas) break, so only one person had the opportunity this visit to make a dish. Since Jordyn is my favorite (yep this is true, and everyone knows it...), well actually because one of the meals on my weekly menu was one of the dishes she wanted to learn, she was the one who got the first individual lesson. We made dumplings, I gave her the option of making chicken dumplings or turkey, as we had quite a bit of 'Fred' left over, she chose to use the rest of 'Fred'. (The story of Fred will be posted at a later time, as I try to catch up on all my blog posts). So after the kids basketball game we made Turkey Dumplings.
 Cutting the dumplings
 Jordyn did let Jayson help drop the dumplings, to speed up getting them all in the pot.

 Dropping the dumpling dough into the pot

Bre checking out the cooking process

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