The Brady Bunch Kids

The Brady Bunch Kids

Saturday, January 19, 2013

B with B - 01/19/2013

While I may 'slack' on my blogging, I try my darnest not to slack at spending each Saturday cooking a goodie with Breanna. Most of the time Breanna requests cooking pumpkin bread, and to be honest more times than not that is what we make, which to my excuse (about blogging) is the reason why I haven't posted before.

Today's creation will involve these little cutties and our recipe for sugar cookies can be found here!

Bre made sure to remind me to take some pictures of her cooking...she is too funny! But I love that she is engaging in actual conversations, and they actually make sense!

Bre's making sure the butter and sugar are mixed well. I am proud to say, she has mastered the mixer, always starting on the lowest setting and gradually turning it up at the right time (with no prompts)!

 Everyone in our family knows, we clean up as we go! 

Bre had her first experience of 'flying' flour, she was not impressed, actually she was mortified!

Our dough, now for it to refridgerate for an hour, then we can roll it out and try our new cookie cutters!

Finally, our hour is up and it's time to roll, cut, bake, and cool!
Breanna practices her rolling skills (on the counter) as I get everything we need out.

Bre using her rolling skills on the dough.

 Time to use the cookie cutters!!!

The loot!!! Minus a few 'over cooked' little ones! Now to cool and make some frosting!

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