The Brady Bunch Kids

The Brady Bunch Kids

Friday, January 11, 2013

Week 12

This weeks workout: 5 minute warm-up followed by running for 18 minutes, then walk for 1 minute (repeat for a total of 3 times), end with 5 minute cool-down, for a total of 66 minutes.

Sunday: Day off
Monday: We (okay I'm) playing the blame game today. My run sucked because: I found out at 7am hubby took two days vacation (we could have gone somewhere), too much coffee (is there such a thing?), need new running shows (hint, hint to hubby who is home!), running on treadmill (oh wait I do that every time), annoying running socks (hint I need new socks too), too hot, the radio played more commercials than actual songs (I know, I know, one should not listen to the radio while running).
Okay enough blaming here's the deal - left knee is killing me (right under my knee cap, the one location that it seems like you can never 'stretch' out), right sock won't stay where it is supposed to be, slipped on the treadmill three times (I still have no idea how I didn't fall on my face!), hubby keeps coming in (he thinks he is being cute and funny), and this workout is taking way too long!
Note to self: if hubby is home lock all doors into room with the treadmill, do not try to listen to the radio during long runs, take more time to stretch before running , run Forest (Trina) run (turn annoying run into frustration, then take it out on the treadmill or pavement)!
Today's workout resulted in 6.17 miles in 66 minutes.
Tuesday: Day off
Wednesday: As much as I don't like being frustrated or annoyed, I have to admit it makes for a great run! Today's run 6.2 miles in 66 minutes.
Thursday: Day off
Friday: 6.2 miles in 66 minutes
Saturday: Day off

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