The Brady Bunch Kids

The Brady Bunch Kids

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Spring is right around the corner....RIGHT???

I have to admit I am usually on top of what is going on with the weather, particularly because I try to watch the news at least once during the day and second I like to compare the weekly weather along with my planting schedule. In the past this has allowed me to pull plants inside when we are expecting frost or long periods of rain.

January 31st through February 2nd we had frost warnings and since I was on top of the weather reports, and couldn't find my bubble wrap to protect my potted plants, I pulled them inside. There is one large pot that didn't make it into the house, my broccoli, but sadly a previous cold night slightly above freezing took their lives (sniff, sniff).

Lettuce and onions (just starting to sprout)
Last Thursday (2/7/13), we were only expecting 2 inches and I honestly felt that my plants could handle the rainfall, especially since I had just drilled a few more drainage holes in my larger pots, so I left them outside. This probably was a huge mistake as those 2 inches turned out into 4.5 inches...oopsies. My pots actually did pretty well, (after it stopped raining) and even though they did fill up with water, they drained quickly.

Sadly, I guess I slacked off quite a bit on watching the weather because on Sunday (2/10/13) as I was watching the Grammys with Bre, on the bottom of the screen scrolls a tornado warning. WHAT? where did this come from, our weather had been great. You know, nice and sunny, not too hot, no humidity...the type of weather that makes you want to go out in your backyard with little to nothing on to soak up all those lovely rays.

Soon, I started to hear thunder and see little flashes of lightning. I logged on to the computer to check the weather...yea huge storm with severe storm warnings. By then it was too late...Eric wouldn't let me step foot outside to try and gather all my potted plants. When he wasn't looking I was snapping pictures and trying to take video of the storm, which I don't know why I attempt to do this when it's dark outside, because most of them don't turn out and the videos never come out as cool as the actual experience. The next day after I got Bre on the bus, I took a few pictures.

Majority of our backyard is underwater, closer to the house is 2-4 inches deep

want to go for a swim?

I don't think my onion sprouts are going to survive

Hard to tell in pic, but there is about 2 inches of rain over patio, planters are filled to top, and majority of yard is under water

Our mailbox didn't survive the winds

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