The Brady Bunch Kids

The Brady Bunch Kids

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Week 14

Okay, sue me...I took a week off, and I am not even sorry! AND I am not even going to blame Eric for his lousy schedule for my week off (even though that was my main reason) cause, lets all be honest, I don't HAVE to run inside on my treadmill...I choose too. Yep, my name is slacker, and I am proud of it...

Welcome to my final week of 10K training. I can already admit I will be re-doing several of these training weeks and adding my own 'goals' with each week, whether it's to increase my speed on the treadmill, adding inclines, or take my running outside (no...I am such a hermit when it comes to running where people can see me!).

My week is already off to a slight twist (which you can read below), so here is to the last week of training...

Workout 1 and 2: 5 minute warm-up, run 60 minutes (no breaks/ walking), 5 minute cool-down.
Workout 3: Either do above workout OR 5 minute warm-up, run 10K, 5 minute cool-down.

Sunday: Day off
Monday: With Eric working two shifts for the last two weeks, the lack of sleep and 'bugs' going around, he is down for the count...until he gets an email that his boss called out sick too. He ended up going into work about 10:30 just in time for me to get ready for an interview. I got home just a bit before 4pm and Breanna returned home from her first special olympics bowling practice/ game at 4:10 and attempting to run with either of them in the house is pointless. I know I could have hit the streets but it was 76 degrees, so yeah NO, I am not running today.
A friend of mine pinned a 7  day arm challenge on pinterest the other day,, so I decided I would add that to my workout this week, today was the first workout. I have to admit I don't think I ever did the triceps push ups the correct way, as much as I tried and YES I watched the video multiple times! Sad thing is I could mimic the moves while sitting, but the minute I got into position my dang elbows went out instead of staying close to my body. The back of my arms are already killing me, so maybe I was close in having a correct form. Lets hope I see some results at the end of the week!
On a fun note, my dress pants I wore to my interview were too big! Too bad I didn't have a belt...I just hope no one noticed I was constantly pulling them up!

Tuesday: I went to start my run today and this is what I saw...lame-O
Usually the 'lube belt' message is no big deal because I can over ride it up to 5 times, BUT I am only able to run up to 5 miles per over ride and today's run was definitely going to be longer than 5 miles, so break out the tools and lube and lets get this done.
45 minutes later, belt lubed, treadmill re-tightened and centered, and the 'slipping' kinks all worked out and we are in business to start my workout. My run went pretty well, but I have decided that 45-minutes of being on the treadmill is long enough for me, after 45 minutes, I am bored, constantly looking at how much time I have left, only to be disappointed that the timer hasn't moved at all since the last time I looked at it. I even resorted to watching a movie on Bre's iPad and that didn't help! Needless to say I did complete my 60 minute run...finally, totaling 6.67 miles (yes I did a few seconds longer on my cool-down to make sure those weren't all 6's).
I also completed day 2 of the 7 day arm challenge, and I didn't realize it until I started, but MY ARMS HURT!!!

Wednesday: Day off

Thursday: Arm workout, thank goodness for a day off (yes it was a scheduled day off, not me 'cheating'). So I think I may become one of 'those' people... you know, the ones who insist on running on a treadmill, watching TV or a movie. Since my runs are soooooooooooooooo much longer, I find myself getting bored and I start losing motivation to finish my run (yea I know if I ran outside I probably wouldn't have that problem because I would still have to get home when that feeling set in!) so between this run and last, I have realized Bre's iPad is the best solution for watching anything, the only downfall, less options on what to watch, and having my iPod nearby in case I find myself searching for something to watch. Today's run was 6.67 miles (yep ran a few extra seconds to make sure those weren't all 6's) in 70 minutes.

Friday: Today is Feb 1st and that means I am adding an additional workout to my routine...I found an ab workout plan called six-pack March that I will be following...there are several similar workout plans, such as fab ab February, mad ab March, ab-tastic April... (you get the idea). I know it is NOT March, but I printed out this schedule last month, so that's the one I am following.
Friday's are my weigh in and measurement days, sadly I didn't have much change and there definitely has not been a change in my arm measurements (not that I was expecting any at this point), but here is to another workout day for arms!

Saturday: I am living up to my name of 'slacker'...I didn't get my run in, but I did do the arm and ab workouts.

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