The Brady Bunch Kids

The Brady Bunch Kids

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Someone stole my identity

So maybe the headline is a bit dramatic, but that's honestly how I feel, and why I rarely get my haircut.

It's the day after my traumatic hair cut, yes I said traumatic! I know it's only hair and it will grow back (hopefully really fast) but I'm devastated! There has only been one other time (that I recall) that I cried after and every time I looked in the mirror after a haircut. Now I can add another cut to my haircut sob story.

Here's the story:
For the last two weeks I have been considering whether to trim or cut my hair, the only times I have really considered cutting my hair is during and after a run. When I run I pull my hair up into a pony tail but due to the length the ends still hit my lower back, and without going into full details, running = sweat, long hair seems to = more sweat, and that sweat tends to run down the pony tail. Since my hair hits my lower back, that sweat, well...runs right down the back of my get the picture.

Well yesterday, we were all going to head down to watch the kids play baseball and softball, but due to the cooler weather (and leaving at 4:30am), Bre and I decided to stay home. While Eric has never been against me getting my haircut, his response has always been "it will grow back", I have always been a bit more hesitant on actually cutting my hair off, and lets face it, I LOVE MY LONG HAIR!

A little of my sob story....for the last two years, I have been unsuccessful on finding a job, getting pregnant, or really finding me in our new surroundings, Seattle 2011-2012 and now Dothan 2012-now. Anyone and everyone seems to relate me to my hair, they recognize me from the back just as often as they do seeing my face, so in a sense my hair was me!

So yesterday, after a brief workout and with no product in my hair, I realize the ends are starting to get bad, and maybe its just time for a trim (my last 'trim' was July 2012, which isn't untypical of me to go 6-12 months between trims). From what I could tell the ends were pretty bad for about an inch, but since the under part of my hair (the longest layer) has less curl than the top layers, I decided I would go get 3 inches cut off the bottom and 1/2 inch off the shorter layers. So I jump in the shower, wash my hair, quick comb through, throw it up into a twist (to try to keep it somewhat wet), grab Bre and off we go to the closest salon. Luckily, there wasn't much of a wait (less than 10 minutes), the gal (Patti) calls my name, and asks what I'd like done before she escorts me to a chair, I tell her I just want a trim of about 3 inches (her asking was to make sure I was given the correct stylist) and as I am telling her I take my hair out of its twist. Everyone, including some random guy waiting for his friend makes a comment how long my hair is, and even though its pretty much soaking wet, says how pretty it is, which just reassures me a trim is all I want.

Patti and I discuss what I'd like done for 10 minutes. She repeats every thing I want multiple times and even agrees with my request to stand up as she cuts my hair. As she is sectioning off my hair, she comments on how the curls are starting to spring up, now that my hair is down and starting to dry, and recommends a little more tapering in the back than what I currently have, I am fine with that as long as we are only still taking off 3 inches on the longest layer, she confirms we are. I stand up she cuts the first section, 3 inches, has me make sure that is all I want taken off, I agree and she continues to cut. Back in the chair, she starts to define the layers, the first few cuts I can't see but as she moves to the side I realize these layers are losing 6-8 inches, my mouth drops!

Now, I always have one exception on having more cut off than I request, if my hair is damaged more than what I can see or tell. Sadly this wasn't the case, through my entire time in the salon Patti continually commented on how healthy my hair was, especially for its length, it was so healthy (per her) that my initial 3 inch request was a bit much just to get rid of dead ends. So now comes my confusion...we seemed to be on the same page at the beginning, and even after the first sections were cut, AND my hair is extremely healthy, SO why when my cut is done my shortest layer has now become my longest AND I was going to get side bangs, but those weren't needed because my shortest layer is the length of bangs!!! I know she could tell I was disappointed at the length, especially when I kept looking at all my hair on the floor, but the comments of how I won't need as much product for my curls AND then trying to sell me every product in your salon didn't help, obviously my current choice of product is working great or my hair wouldn't be as healthy as you said it was!

And now off to my pity party... I don't know what's wrong with me! But I can't stop crying over my hair...seriously. I actually had to lock myself in the bathroom and take a long shower to try to stop crying! Its pathetic! There is really no reason to's a cute cut (personally I think it would be cuter if it was 6-7 inches longer), my hair will grow back (and it usually grows fast - but it would be so much longer if 10-inches weren't gone), I know I am not defined by just my hair...but it was a huge part of me (and I miss it!!!). Poor Eric doesn't know what to say to me, except that its a cute cut, it will grow back, and there isn't any reason to be upset.

The positives of my stupid short could have been cut shorter, maybe I won't have a sweat stream running down my back when I run (cause now when I pull it up into a pony tail it barely hits my shoulders instead of my waist), I don't have to pull my hair out of shirts, sweatshirts, sports bras...etc, and like Patti said, I don't have to use as much why am I crying...STILL??? and why do I feel like someone stole my identity???

Only pic I could find that shows how long my hair is...even though you can't see the ends!



  1. Ugh - that is always my fear in getting my hair cut. I've cried several times over my hair (one guy cut my hair, then tried to charge me extra for using the straightener??? really!?).....I love my long hair too, but it makes me sweat more and gives me a headache because it's so heavy. I got my hair cut last week too - it takes me at least a week to get used to the cut, how to style it and whether or not I love it or hate it. Jeff always tells me something Grandpa Risenmay used to tell Jeff:
    Q: 'what's the difference between a bad hair cut and a good hair cut?'
    A: About 2-3 weeks. :)

    A new hair cut for the new you. :) Give it a couple weeks and you'll know 2 things: 1 - you never go back to that salon again and 2 - you'll never cut your hair like that again.

    PS: Hate it when they try to sell you the overpriced crap in the salon after they don't do what you ask.

    Okay I'm done with my rant - you look beautiful!

    1. Thanks Alison. I don't think I will ever get used to this cut until it grows out 4+ inches. It is now so short that when I pull it up into a ponytail to run the short layers don't stay in and the longest layer now hit the neckline of my shirt (instead of my waist), which is even more annoying! And after I style it versus her partial style followed by me adding more product (in last picture)the curls are much tighter, which makes the top layers much shorter yet the longer layers are still long, which looks stupid!!! unlike before I cut it where the layers just flowed together. Now I need to stop ranting!!! :)

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