The Brady Bunch Kids

The Brady Bunch Kids

Saturday, March 30, 2013

A room with a view

A few small hiccups in our travel plans for Spring Break, but overall I have no (okay maybe just little) complaints about our vacation. Besides our first condo being cancelled at the last minute, our Friday night plans were also cancelled on Thursday! Thank goodness for last minute hotel cancellations and reward points, as we were able to score a hotel Friday afternoon shortly before leaving, I won't bore you with our hotel but I will share with you a few pics of our condo and some of the views.

We stayed at the Caribe Resort in Orange Beach, AL, to view their site click here. We booked our room through Laura's Vacation Rentals, to view their site click here, and if you'd like to see their pics of our room click here, then click Pictures link. Our biggest disappointments no internet service, their ICEE machine that they brag about on their website, doesn't exist (Bre was devastated!), and the weather wasn't fully to our liking, but you will hear more about that when I get caught up on all our posts!

View from our floor, looking down to the main floor atrium

 Our kitchen

Dinning and living room, hard to tell with the sun coming in but we had floor to ceiling windows in the living room and master room

 Dinning area, bar area with ice machine (which got a lot of use!), and those doors lead to the master bedroom (which I didn't take any pics of the bedrooms, but we had 3 bedrooms each with their own full bathroom)

Balcony entrance from the living room, there was a second door in the master

Another shot of the bar, part of the kitchen, and the laundry room (which was also used a lot!)

A bunch of 'Butts' on the balcony

 One of the pools, hot tubs, and water slides


Putting greens

Tennis and basketball courts

Gulf of Mexico

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