The Brady Bunch Kids

The Brady Bunch Kids

Monday, April 8, 2013

Vacation is over, back to work(outs)

Sunday: day off

Monday: virtual 5K week 7.1 workout (run 2.5 miles or for 25 minutes) resulted in 3.23 miles, with warm-up and cool down in 35 minutes.

Tuesday: gym day! And boy did a lot of people annoy me today. I know the gym we go to is a no judge gym BUT they really need to enforce some sort of dress code so some of us refrain from judgement. My first visual was a gal who is my height and probably weighed 100 pounds more than me (no judgement on my part here) and her workout clothing of choice: cut off skull jean shorts and by cut off I mean the shorts came just slightly below her tush! Her shirt choice was just as lovely, a sweatshirt which the sleeves had been removed, the neck line was also removed so that the 'shirt' laid ever so slightly off her shoulders...ok more like mid bicep to elbows, and to top off the look the bottom of the sweatshirt had also been removed so the bottom of her 'shirt' came to just below her bust line. Thankfully she did choose to wear a bra. And to top it off it didn't matter where I went in the gym, cause there she was.

Annoyance #2 (and in an attempt of not boring you to death I'm going to group several annoyances into this one) people talking on their cell phones. Our gym has signs posted everywhere! That cell phone use (except for listening to music) must be done in the front lobby, yep they have a huge lobby with tables and chairs, and couches, and a partial wall divider that also has the front desk I between the lobby and the gym area! But today there were multiple people just jabbing away on their phones and you guessed it, they seemed to all be next to me! Even in the locker room where all cell phone use is banned, there sat another one and to make it worse several staff members walked right by all of them and didn't say a word! Ugh!!!

Annoyance #3 (again to be nice I'm combining!) not wiping down machines after use. Yep the gym provides a large amount of spray bottles with disinfectant, ten million tons of paper towels, and they even have several trash cans (like 20+) placed all over so you can throw you paper towel away instantly (in some cases you may have to take 5 extra steps). And finally, I know I can't dictate how or why you chose to purchase a gym membership when all you do is just sit on the machines, but please don't come during busy times and just is there! Most of us are here to actually work out, not wait for you to quit people watching while occupying the machine.

Okay, I feel better! Today I started with a 15 minute warm up on the treadmill and got to see annoyance #1 walk in front of me three times! Then I moved on to my leg routine and attempted slightly higher weights with lower reps. Lets hope I can walk tomorrow!

Wednesday: Day off in order to attend Breanna's Special Olympics

Thursday: Well, I think it's official I caught the bug! In bed all day with slight fever and some other not so fun symptoms, except for a quick trip to take Breanna to play her first softball game (she missed three games while we were on vacation).

Friday: Yep, down for the count. Slept almost all day but am hoping I'm over the hump as I haven't had a fever at all today!

Saturday: And still down with this stupid bug! It took every ounce of effort to get up to take Bre to her baseball game today, which I honestly contemplated on not going, I know bad mom! But in my defense besides not feeling well, I didn't think it was worth my effort to get ready to take her to a 45 minute (usually less) game. I did put on my big girl panties, got ready, took her to McDonalds (drive thru) for lunch, and went to her game. After her game, even though I still felt like crap, we ran an errand to Target, and sadly once we got there I didn't recall what it was I was actually going to get, but we hit up the snack area for an ICEE, but the machines were down and the poor gal at the counter freaked out for a second because she knew instantly Bre wanted an ICEE even before asking us what we wanted. She was relieved to know that Bre was just as happy with a fountain drink, can I just say on a side note I just love the staff that work behind the snack counter, even though we don't go to Target often they each know Bre and know exactly what she wants to order!
Next we hit up Starbucks (of course) and let me tell you, I know I am definitely sick, that drink is still sitting in my fridge (it's Monday as I write this) with only a sip or two taken! Since I couldn't remember what I was there for, we made a quick round through the clothing and workout clothes section, then briefly looked at their patio and gardening section, and wrapped up our shopping trip by grabbing some basic groceries to get me through the next few days.

Overall, this week was awful! Here is hoping this bug is almost done running its course and next week will be amazing!

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