The Brady Bunch Kids

The Brady Bunch Kids

Thursday, March 21, 2013

My vacation starts on Friday!!!

Yep that is right, as of Friday I am officially on vacation! And I am going to vaca instead of playing mom in another location, even if that means from today through Friday I bust my butt to make it happen. There will be tons of washing, packing, pre-cooking meals, pre-packing crockpot meals, making a (hopefully small) grocery list for items to buy when we get close to our location, workouts, tanning (I refuse to get burned while on vacation) and hopefully a bit of me time.

If you read last weeks post, you may have saw that Saturday our condo rental owner cancelled on us but it was her that found us an amazing deal (even though more than what we paid her and for 1 less day) at an amazing location. We went from a 2 bedroom,1.5 bath unit with a swimming pool and across the street from the Gulf of Mexico, to a 3 bedroom, 3 bath unit with 8 outdoor pools, 3 indoor pools, a lazy river, numerous water slides, 6 tennis courts, gyms, playground, 9 hot tubs...and the list goes on and on. If you'd like a sneak peak of where we are staying check out Caribe Resorts website or wait for up coming posts because I hope to have more than just my weekly, boring, workout updates!

Well its Sunday Funday, so lets get this week started, shall we?

Sunday: Family gym day, lame I know as Sundays are supposed to be my week off from all workouts and running, but Saturday just didn't have enough hours in it, although I really could have gone to the gym at midnight and burned off a lot of frustration! Bre was all attitude for most of the workout, she really didn't want to be there and she made sure everyone knew it!

Little miss attitude ended up getting her treadmill turned up about 8 times and in her angry voice assured me she was not doing weights today. I gave her the choice to either stay on the treadmill the entire time I worked out or she could join me. She chose to join me, which is good, cause I have no idea how I could have made her stay on the treadmill without supervision! Bre and I both worked on our arms and focused on increasing our weights which I am surprised she was able to do. I ended my workout time with a 10 minute session on the hydro massage bed and a quick tan, while she watched cartoons on her iPad.

Monday: Virtual 5K, 2.86 miles in 34 minutes.

Tuesday: It was supposed to by a gym day, but after running Eric some lunch I realized I had forgotten my iPod. What was supposed to be a quick run home to grab it turned into, 'lets pull some weeds' instead. Three (yes 3) hours later the stupid rock beds in the back yard are almost done. My lower is a bit stiff, my legs are killing me (I squat, instead of sitting), and my fingers...well I can't feel a few of them, and to top if off I have ruined another pair of gloves, stupid rocks! Who ever thought this was a great 'decorating' idea got it wrong, way wrong! So I might hit the gym or treadmill, or both, a bit later, or I may just sit on my tush and do nothing!

Completed 25 minute total body foam roller workout.

Wednesday: I don't' know what my problem is, but I hope this doesn't mean I am catching Eric's crud! Yep that is right, just days before we are due to go on vacation, Eric is sick, Bre's allergies are bothering her so much she has pulled out half of her eyelashes and her face, mainly around her mouth and nose, is beyond raw, and by the end of the night she was so congested she, herself, attempted to learn how to 'blow' her nose (yep she hasn't mastered that yet!).

I don't feel bad, no allergies (knock on wood) even though everything is covered in pollen, even after a storm passed through. But I am exhausted! I don't know if maybe in my head I am just a tad overwhelmed with this whole vacation thing...the cancellation of our condo, finding another place to stay for less days and more money, trying to get the housework done while mentally planning for what needs packed, what needs to be done before we go, what am I going to do about the refrigerated and frozen food I was planning on taking (cause now we are leaving a day earlier but can't check into the condo until Saturday after 4pm), Joey has a baseball game at 1 and as of today he now has another one at 3:30 and both games are about 30-45 minutes away from the condo and we will only have one car (Joey's will be at the school and will ride the bus there, but how do I get Eric to the school? hmmmm)...and it goes on, but I won't bore you with all that is rambling around in my head!

Overall, I am not feeling myself, I hope this feeling is just being overwhelmed a touch (because those who really know me, I am a planner and these little speed bumps of sick people and extra costs) and that I am not catching Eric's bug, which yesterday moved into his chest. I spent the majority of the morning in bed, just trying to relax and see if I could 'shake' this feeling, but next thing I knew something hit the window which startled me enough to wake me up...yep I fell asleep. Long story, short, I did absolutely nothing today! No housework, except I did take the trash and recycling out at 9pm, no exercising which of course I am kicking myself for, and for anyone who follows my food log on MFP, might notice my eating today, well it was awful! I am glad this day is over and I hope none of it repeats tomorrow!

Thursday: 2.92 miles in 33 minutes and that's all the exercise that I did today.

Friday: My vacation starts today! And we hope to be on the road by 1pm to beat the traffic. So my morning was filled with 3 loads of laundry, packing, and loading the car. We were on the road before 1 and arrived at Joey's baseball game shortly after it started and had to leave at the end of the 6th inning in order to drive across the bay to see Jordyn's second softball game. We then grabbed a quick bite to eat, checked into our hotel, thank you reward points for the free night, and all of us were in bed and asleep before 9! Great start to our vaca!

Saturday Bre and I were up by 7, having a bit of breakfast at the hotel by 8, and then off to run a few errands in order to let Eric sleep and hopefully recover from this bug he's had all week. We returned to the hotel by 11, checked out, and hit a few stores and grabbed some lunch before heading to Joey's double hitter.

That double hitter turned into 1 pitch and both games were called due to severe thunder storms. Which worked out in our favor as I was going to have to leave them at the end of game 1 to grab a few groceries and check into our condo at 4. The younger kids decided to head to the beach with their mom, so Eric and Joey grabbed them while I grocery shopped and then we all headed to the condo together. With so many of us, and all my food pre-planning it took us 4 huge carts to get all our stuff up to the place we will call home for the next week. Quick unload of the necessities, dinner in the oven, and everyone fed it was time for a little fun, so we headed to the indoor pool with a slight detour so Jayson could try out one of the water slides. We can't wait for tomorrow with high hopes of a storm free day (fingers crossed).

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