The Brady Bunch Kids

The Brady Bunch Kids

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Daylight savings means springs around the corner...I hope!

Sunday: Spring forward isn't too! We decided to have a day off...from workouts, instead Eric, Bre, and I ran a few errands today to ensure we got out of the house on such a beautiful day. With a high of 77, even with winds gusting 10-20 mph, it's hard to justify staying indoors. Originally I had planned to take Bre to the Miracle Park, which is 100% handicap accessible, but then I remembered that our city is hosting a tennis tournament and a soccer tournament, both located next to the park.


Instead, we decided to go and grab some lunch and do a little pre-spring-break shopping (window shopping). We went to lunch at Logan's Roadhouse because I had a coupon, and while Bre flipped through the menu she quickly chose what she wanted...shrimp and steak. Even with waiting over 15 minutes on a server, she continued to tell us that is what she wanted. She ended up with chicken tenders and mac&cheese because...well, I am cheap! Even though in all reality she paid! After lunch, we crossed the parking lot and browsed Kohls. Again I had a coupon for an additional 30% off and their clearance today was 75-80% off, plus today was the last day to earn Kohls cash (although it seems they do this promo ALL the time now). I was in search for some new shorts and running shoes, for Bre we were in search for some workout pants (the kid won't wear shorts even if it was 120 degrees she'd still be in pants), new sweatshirts (pull overs only - at least she knows what she wants), she really could use a new pair of shoes, but she wasn't going to go that far in our shopping today! And Eric, for the most part was just there for the ride (and lunch!).

We didn't have any luck with items for Bre, Eric found 2 dress shirts, and I found a t-shirt for $3.90 and ended up with my second choice for running shoes. My first choice would have cost us more than what I ended up paying for everything we purchased. 

New running shoes!
My running shoe stash!
Our next stop was to the grocery store for some much needed items, and of course it didn't hurt that they do a 3 day sale starting today, which included several of the items we needed. Some things we didn't actually need right away, but with their sale price and my coupons, I couldn't pass up. Well that was our Sunday, funday.

Monday: Virtual 5K, week 2. I thought about just jumping in on Another Mother's recommended training schedule and focus on increasing my speed and time but today I decided I will redo my10K training during this virtual training/ race. In order to complete my training at the same time, this week will be week 5 of training for me. Broke in my new shoes today, 2.56 miles in 31 minutes. I feel a blister forming, lets hope I am wrong! I also completed Active's 5 core exercises.

Tuesday: Gym day! 10 minute warm-up, which as usual was on the treadmill. While I tend to keep it to a fast walking pace, I do alternate my speeds between 3.5-4.3, but I usually don't pay attention to my distance because, well, it's just a warm-up. Today, as I was ending my warm-up, instead of just hitting the reset button, I waited to see the distance....0.70 miles. Hmmmm, maybe I will just start jogging to get in a whole mile. I did my arm workout, and half way through, I realized it was a leg day...oops. Unfortunately, I didn't complete my overall workout which is usually 20-30 minutes on one of the stationary bikes, life kind of stepped in on my 'me' time. No problem, I will just do intervals on the treadmill....ha! Lets just say 'life' took up the rest of my day, now here it is 9pm and well, I guess I am going to do my 5 core exercises again.

Wednesday: Excuse me...why are my lungs burning??? OY! I hope this is just due to the massive amounts of pollen all over the place and not that I am getting sick. Today I completed 2.63 miles in 31 minutes.

Thursday: Remember how 'life' kind of took up most of my Tuesday? Well it took up part of today too, then on top of that, I haven't been feeling well most of the day,'s almost 5pm and I haven't done anything yet.

Already, I got something done! Eric had  sent me a text letting me know he wouldn't be home till after 7pm. Since I hadn't started dinner yet, Bre wanted soup, so I threw that in the microwave and got her all set to eat, threw on my workout clothes and jumped on the treadmill to do 30 minutes worth of intervals. I chose level 2, with an incline of 1, and a starting speed of 3.5, eventually I was walking at a speed of 4.5 (for 1 minute and 30 seconds) and running at a speed of 7 (for 30 seconds). This repeated 11 times and resulted in 2.37 miles.

Friday: Virtual 5K resulted in 2.59 miles in 31 minutes, I am still not feeling all that great so I kept my incline at 0 (I know that is just like running downhill) and my speed at 6.

Saturday: Where did the day go? No, seriously, where did it go? We were all up by 7:30am and now the day is completely almost midnight over! All I kind of remember is Bre going outside to play basketball, since it so awesome outside (77 degrees with (warm) winds only up to about 7mph). Next we decided to go to the park (see first picture in this post for where we went) while Eric watched the end of the Alabama basketball game (about 45 minutes). Even with the park completely crowded, Breanna had a great time, she even saw someone that knew her, although she couldn't tell me the girls name. After the park we ran to Checkers to grab some milkshakes, I was good and didn't get myself one, but did attempt to take a sip of Bre's with her protesting loudly!

After picking up the shakes we ran back home to pick up Eric and for a quick bathroom stop, then went for a drive to look at houses. So my 'life' events this week have involved possibly buying a house in the area. At this time we have to consider many things and this is just one of them. The huge downfall....I still don't have a job. I have had 1 offer so far but the pay and hours were not worth accepting it. Eric and I have an agreement that if I don't have any good leads on employment by Spring Break, then we need to re-evaluate a few things, especially since Jarom is due to graduate NUAMES in December and plans on transferring to a college that offers his degree instead of staying at Weber, and Joey is due to graduate with his class next spring.

To top off the day about 6pm, our spring break rental owner texted me to let me know she was going to have to cancel our reservation...we are supposed to leave on Friday! We made these arrangements a month ago and even back then there were hardly any hotels or places to rent and now we need something in 6 days! Eric and jumped on our laptops and I contacted several friends in the area we are going to, to see if they had any connections or thoughts on what we could do. The gal who cancelled on us offered to see what she could do to help us, and thankfully she received one reply, which we jumped on! So as it comes close to midnight, we now have a possible rental - all the paperwork and payments still need to be made...which shall be interesting since we have already paid a deposit and rent on the other place...but hopefully by tomorrow we will be good to go and the money fairy will show some insight on how to pay for a second place, while we wait for refunds on the first.

I am glad this week is now over...not the best way to end the week, but next week starts my vacation and Spring Break, so bring it on!!!

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