The Brady Bunch Kids

The Brady Bunch Kids

Monday, April 8, 2013

Continued - Spring Break 2013 in Orange Beach, AL

Thursday 3/28: This morning started off with a lazy morning, even I slept in until about 8am, Bre and Jordyn came out of their room to great me. We all had a doughnut for breakfast, claimed our couches, and waited for the boys to wake up. No one really had any plans or ideas of what to do today, except Joey was meeting up with some friends later, so I grabbed the girls and we headed down the street to the closest coffee shop. I got an iced coffee, while Bre chose a raspberry Italian soda (unfortunately they made it different than Starbucks so it wasn’t red like she was used to), and Jordyn bought a raspberry smoothie (which looked delicious). When we got back to the condo, they boys were still laying around watching tv, so Jordyn and I figured out what pool we wanted to go to and put on our suits, that got the boys excited enough to get off the couches. Everyone but Joey, since he was meeting up with his friends, grabbed our stuff and headed towards the pools by the lazy river (there are six pools and two waterslides in that area)

3 level pool with 2 water slides, upper deck includes another 3 level pool and the lazy river

Jayson braving the water
Surprisingly there really wasn’t anyone out, but we soon discovered why…the wind coming off the bay was freezing!!! After about 20 minutes or so of sitting there and Jordyn and Jayson debating on whether or not to actually get in the water, we decided to head to the outside pool outside of our building. This area only has 2 outdoor pools, 1 waterslide, 1 indoor pool, and 3 hot tubs, BUT we were almost completely blocked from the wind. We ended staying outside for about 5 hours, with a quick (rotating) break to grab some food, turns out our pool became really popular and chairs and lounges were being snatched up instantly. 
Our buildings outdoor pool and waterslide

Our buildings pool only had 2 levels, with the bay in the background

After everyone changed clothes and got settled in, I decided to go try out the gym (surprising I know!). It actually wasn’t bad, a little old school, but enough of machines to get a full workout. Arm workout and running completed, dinner made, everyone fed, dishes done, everyone showered, and now it’s time for some movies and popcorn!

Friday 3/29: Well today is the last day the kids are with us, their mom insisted they be home by 3pm as their community is having an Easter event that started at 4. The kids would have loved to stay until we checked out the next day, but they understood that we were only to have them for half of Spring Break and their mom had already let them stay with us longer than half the week (we did give up our Easter visitation day for the extra days). Joey chose to spend the day hanging out with a group of friends and the other kids chose to hang out at the putting greens and the pool.

The day flew by quickly and before we knew it, it was time for the kids to get ready to go. With everyone showered, fed, and all packed up, Eric walked them to Joeys' car, while Bre and I waved goodbye from our balcony, I think this was the first time the kids actually realized how far up our condo was. After we got them all on their way, it was time for us to do a bit of last minute laundry and start organizing and packing some of our stuff that was no longer needed. During all of this, I was constantly texting Jarom and MyKayla, as their Spring Break starts today and the two of them are heading to Oregon to hang out with my family and so that Jarom can view the University of Washington, his top choice of colleges to transfer (yep transfer!!!) to next year. 

Saturday 3/30: Checkout day BOOOOOO! As one can guess today included sleeping in just a bit, followed by packing, loading up the car, and making our way home. We had discussed having lunch at one of our favorite restaurants on the way home, but this would mean fighting traffic through town, making our way towards Mobile, and then heading home. We opted to ditch lunch and take a different route home, somewhat following the gulf coast line most of the way.

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