The Brady Bunch Kids

The Brady Bunch Kids

Friday, July 19, 2013

17 days of rain out of 19...what to do???

The kids are so sick of the rain, and being trapped inside the house. Too be honest I am sick of them being inside too as all they seem to do is watch TV or play video games all day and all night long.

So we are off to the closest indoor pool, which only charges $1 per person for a 5 hour swim session. Usually during storms the kids don't want to go swimming as the pool has huge metal doors which means that during these storms the pool has the possibility of closing, but today they were so bored they were willing to take the risk. I have come down with an amazing summer cold so I agree to drop off Joey, Jarom, MyKayla, and Jayson at the pool and return about 4:45pm to pick them up.

After dropping them off Bre and I hang out in the upstairs viewing area to make sure they get situated with their belongings in the pool area and that someone is keeping an eye on Jayson.

Jayson hanging out in the shallower area while the older kids have a bit of fun in the deep end before I leave

Goggle adjustment

Trying to figure out if Jayson can hang out in the deep end or who is going to take the first 'shift' hanging out with him in the shallow end

'Not it!' just kidding, all of them decided to move to the shallow end with Jayson as the deep end was pretty busy

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