The Brady Bunch Kids

The Brady Bunch Kids

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Look who turned 15!

Poor MyKayla didn't have much a birthday, it poured down rain ALL day long! Early in the day she thought about going to the movies for her birthday, which her and Jarom had chosen Despicable Me 2. But she kept pushing back what time she was going to go to the movies, before she finally decided she didn't want to go. Deep down you could tell she just really wanted to spend time with the entire family. It was so sad to continually hear her ask the boys to play games with her and for a brief moment when the rain and thunder stopped she begged them to go and play basketball with her.

Overall her birthday was lame on all angles. She chose to have homemade pizza, which turned out pretty good, but just like every other decision in this house, she attempted to give everyone their choices of what toppings they would like, which turned into a 30+ minute debate. Finally I made the final decision and MyKayla and I got all the pizzas going...of course NOW everyone wanted to spend time with her because she was cooking her own birthday dinner! She did give in and let the boys help out with the dough (mainly stabbing it to death with a fork).

Homemade pizzas: pepperoni, meat lovers, and supreme

But I have to admit even I was lame when I discovered that my attempt of making her a lame cake out of a box turned out to be an epic FAIL, when I realized at 5:30pm we didn't have a cake mix AND the pizza dough was rising in all my mixing bowls. Usually we take the birthday kid decide if they would like a homemade treat or if they'd like to go to the store (just them) to pick out their birthday desert. Kayla chose to have the brownie mix that was currently in the cupboard along with ice cream we had purchased a few days before.

Keeping the tradition going, everyone sang happy birthday to her 'Reynolds style' aka off key, loud, and at different tempos!

Yes I was even so lame that I only had one candle

Just love how she is so excited to just spend the night with the family

Birthday desert: brownie, mint cookies and cream ice cream, topped with chocolate syrup

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