The Brady Bunch Kids

The Brady Bunch Kids

Friday, July 26, 2013

It's too HOT!!!!

For almost the entire summer give or take 8 days we have had nothing but pouring down rain, okay more like flooding rain, lightening and thunder storms. Today is the 4th day out of the entire month of July we have sun (and yes it is supposed to be the last day of sun for the month). We have gotten over 18 inches of rain in just July alone (and it's only the 26th) and last month I believe we averaged about the same amount, if not more.

All the kids, with the exception of Joey who had a baseball game first thing this morning have been hanging out inside for the majority of the day, so at 1:30 I told them to all get out...literally! I didn't care what they did, except play basketball because I have a broken window close to where the hoop sits, but they had to get out and I would let them know when they could come back in (with the exception of water and bathroom breaks).

Jarom and MyKayla decided to try out hitting a wiffle ball with the tennis rackets and Joey and Jayson practicing hitting and pitching, thankfully we have a large enough yard there was rarely any interference between their activities and my attempt of laying out to get a little sun! This lasted about an hour and then the complaints started..."It's TOO HOTTTT!!!!!"

The solution...a hose, a few attempts with two sprinkler heads, the yard, and the trampoline!

Sprinkler #1, which eventually got broken...oops

Sprinkler #1 jimmy rigged under the trampoline

Trying to figure out if sprinkler #2 can work hooked to the trampoline

Best solution, hook it to the opening while everyone takes turns jumping

It's no fun waiting for your turn to jump, even if you are the one who just finished!

Whoo hoo it's finally Jarom's turn!

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