The Brady Bunch Kids

The Brady Bunch Kids

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Month three of Turkey aka Kylie

2/2 Hi!!!
Well Ms Turkey hasn't been called turkey as much as in the past, now its baby! While she doesn't have any scheduled doctors appointments this month I figured I'd keep a log of new things she's done or experienced over the last month.

  • Took my first bath in mom's big bathtub on 01/31/2014. I had a massive 'explosion' while Jarom was doing the dinner dishes so the kitchen sink was not an option. Mom took a videos of my second bath in her tub, again due to a massive 'explosion' and hopefully she can figure out how to change the view and upload it to here.
  •  I went to my first soccer game on 02/01/2014 where Jarom's Northview High team played some of the almuni and they actually won, but it took a shootout to claim that victory.
  • Mom had to put all my newborn clothes away, with the exception of a few onsies, and I have so many 0-3 and 3 month clothes from Brooklyn and Grandma Butts, I am not sure how I will be able to wear everything before I outgrow them
  • Even though I am not supposed to be watching TV, I love it! Mom tries to keep me away from it most of the time, but the second I catch a view of it I am glued
  • I love some of the Fisher Price Laugh & Learn apps, mainly Animals and Learning Letters
  • Laughed, more than one time, without scaring myself on 02/14/2014
  • As of today, I still refuse to laugh for dad, but everyone else has seen me or can make me laugh...poor dad! Yes he even tried again for 30 minutes before mom posted this, with no luck
  • And the best thing that has happened over the last month or so, I think I am a cat! I like to lick myself, mainly my hands (which I like to clench really tight) and arms 
  • I am starting to grab at my blankets and toys

2/3 I love sleeping in mom and dads bed
2/6 Yep, I am cute

2/6 Showing off my 'licking' skills
2/7 Watching Little Mermaid
2/7 Shark chase
2/10 Looks like my eyes are going to be Hazel
    2/10 Turkey playing with her turkey
    2/10 I love my tongue
2/10 Mom loves my lips!
2/13 Hanging out at Breanna's award ceremony

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