The Brady Bunch Kids

The Brady Bunch Kids

Friday, March 21, 2014

Four months of Turkey

Another month has come and gone! And for mom this is the no-fun stage as I am in the crying, flailing around, not sure what I want, and constantly hungry stage (nursing an average of 6 hours a day). Since I am grasping more, and appearing very interested when mom eats and brushes her teeth, mom bought me my first toothbrush and some spoons.

I had my 4 month check-up on 03/20/14 and I weighed 12 pounds 12 ounces, was 24 inches tall and my head (yep it's big) was 41cm (a little over 16 inches). I also received my immunizations and we know what that for more accessories! Today it was pink polka dot sunglasses. The doctor, although she didn't fully recommend it, told mom I could try a little rice and/ or increase supplementing formula because I obviously love to eat...I mean look at that weight! So be.sides my sunglasses I also got some formula and rice.

3/20 Check out my new sunglasses!

Here are some things about me over the past month:
  • I despise tummy time! No I really mean it, put me on my tummy and I will scream bloody murder till someone pics me up or puts me on my back.
  • I drool constantly! Mom and dad can see teeth, but nothing has broken through yet
  • My grasping skills are improving, especially if someone puts something really close to me 
  • I am laughing more. Dad finally heard me laugh on 3/12/14. But no one can catch me on camera because the minute I see the camera I stop and pose for my picture to be taken!
  • I have to put EVERYTHING in my mouth
  • I am obsessed with having to sit at the dinner table each night and I am fascinated by watching everyone eat their food
  • I enjoy sitting up more and an attempting to pull myself up into sitting position
  • I have discovered my toes, but haven't started to grab at them yet
  • I tried out mom's jogging stroller, I am not sure I like it yet, but I did finally fall asleep in it
  • I love watching mom do stuff on her computer, as she types this I am sitting in her lap leaning over as close as I can watching her fingers type 
  • Still won't take a bink, but I FOUND my fingers! And they are delish!!!
  • I went to my first Miracle League opening ceremony and game on Saturday, March 15, 2014 and slept through most of it
  •  Tried out my walker to see if I could sit up better, unfortunately I am still a bit small, but mom figured out how to hold me in with blankets
2/27 Mom bought me a pod with her b-day money from grandma
3/1 Are you looking at me???

3/1 Trying out my new toothbrush

3/1 Licking is good too

3/2 In the jogging stroller

3/2 Nappin' in the stroller

3/4 Supervising mom making dinner

3/5 Tebow-ing
3/15 Nappin' with my fingers in my mouth at Miracle League
3/17 Just being cute

3/17 Sitting in my walker
 And cause mom still laughs every time she sees this, here is me practicing sitting

Until next month...

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